Relevance Ranking of Keyword Search Results

About Relevance Ranking

Keyword search results are automatically sorted according to relevance. You also have the option of sorting the results by date or title.

Results will appear in up to 5 groups depending on search results:

  • Most Relevant Titles includes items where the primary title contains the search as a phrase.
  • Highly Relevant Titles includes items because of where and how the search terms appear in the record.
  • Very Relevant Titles includes items found doing an adjacency search, but those deemed less relevant than the first two groups.
  • Relevant Titles broadens out farther and pulls in items that include all the search terms (boolean "AND" search), but weights items more heavily based on where and how the terms appear in the record.
  • Other Relevant Titles brings in the remaining results matching the search, but ranks them last because of where and how the terms appear in the record.
  • If no results are found in the above groups, the system does a Boolean "OR" search in an attempt to present results.

"Complex Searches" & Relevance Ranking

If you use complex search strategies, such as putting phrases in quotes or specifying the field to be searched (e.g., a:shakespeare and t:venice),  relevance ranking will be turned off for that search. Your results will display in reverse-chronological order, showing the most recently published items first. 

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