Finding Maps

About maps and atlases

All maps and atlases are cataloged and listed in the Dartmouth College Library Catalog. You can search for them by author, title, subject, or keyword by setting the collections menu to Maps & Atlases. Please note, this only applies to geographical maps and atlases. Not all atlases in the Library Catalog are tagged as atlases, so for comprehensive results, set the menu to Entire Collection when searching for atlases.

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Finding maps by author, title, or subject

Set the collections menu to Maps & Atlases before doing your search.

• Author - Companies or issuing agencies
(e.g., Delorme; United States Geological Survey)

• Title - Geographic names
(e.g., Paris)

• Subject
(e.g., global warming)

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Finding maps by keyword

When using the main Keyword Search page, you can limit your search to maps by selecting the "Maps & Atlases" collections menu.

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The help I need isn't here...

Please contact a Reference Librarian for assistance.

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