Limiting by Library Location

About limiting by library location

There are situations when it is useful to limit your search results to a specific Library location. For example, the Library has an extensive collection of Robert Frost material in its Special Collections, and these materials do not circulate. By limiting your results to Baker/Berry Library, you can easily focus on those items for which there are circulating copies.

Please note that when you limit your results by location, it eliminates all electronic resources because they are not associated with any particular library location.

Limits are available for the following locations:

  • Baker-Berry Library
  • Dana Biomedical Library
  • Feldberg Business & Engineering Library
  • Kresge Physical Sciences Library
  • Matthews Fuller Health Sciences Library
  • Paddock Music Library
  • Rauner Special Collections Library
  • Sherman Art Library
  • Storage Library

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Limiting an author, title, or subject search

After you have completed an author, title, or subject search, the Limit/Sort button will appear as one of the bronze command buttons. By clicking on this button, you can limit your search results by location using the available pop-up menu.

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Limiting a keyword search

From the Keyword search screen, you can choose the location you want to limit your search to by using the "Location" pop-up menu.

In addition, you also have the option of limiting your keyword search after your initial search by clicking on the Modify Search button. For additional information, along with a list of the available library location limits, follow this link.

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Additional location limits

There are times when the available location limits are not sufficient. For example, one might want to find the available books on French history in Baker/Berry Library's reference collection. To do this, you must reformuate the search as a Keyword search and combine it with the appropriate location code, prefaced with the string, "branch:branch." For example, the above search could be expressed as:

branch:branchbarf and france and history

For additional information on searching by location code, along with a complete list of available location codes, follow this link.

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The help I need isn't here...

Please contact a Reference Librarian for assistance.

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