Finding Electronic Journals

About finding E-Journals

All electronic journals are cataloged and listed in the Dartmouth College Library Catalog. You can search for e-journals by title, subject, or keyword. Remember, the catalog does not search the contents of e-journals.

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Finding electronic journals by keyword

  1. Set the collections menu to "Journals/eJournals/Newspapers."
  2. Search for the name of the publication, such as Journal of Philosophy, or Boston Globe.
    TIP: You can include the initial article of the publication in your search when searching by keyword. Examples: The Economist. Der Islam.
  3. To further limit your results only to eJournals, click on the Advanced Search Options menu and choose Web Resources under the Electronic Resources limit box. Click the "Submit" button to apply the limit.


Finding electronic journals by title

The Title Search option is a more precise way to find journals. This options is particularly useful when searching for a publications with a single-word title, such as Time, Science, or Nature.

  1. Set the collections menu to "Journals/eJournals/Newspapers."
  2. Omit the initial article, such as A, An, The, Le, Les, Der, etc. Retain any articles that appear within the journal title, such as Ethics and the Environment.
  3. From the results page, click on the Limit/Sort button. From the Electronic Format menu, choose WEB Resources and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


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E-journal title lists & collections

To access eJournals, use  eJournals (i) | Browzine (i).

Comprehensive A-Z list of eJournals, browsable by subject, with peer review, open access, and date coverage indicators; ability to quickly search within the journal; access also provided for eBooks and Databases.

Allows you to browse, read, and monitor the recent issues (since 2005) of top eJournals in your subject available at Dartmouth; save frequently viewed journals to a bookshelf; use the eJournals link for a comprehensive A-Z list of journals including those NOT covered.