WIT: WebFeat Implementation Team

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WIT Charge pdf file


Mary LaMarca, Co-chair, Digital Library Services

Reinhart Sonnenburg, Co-chair, Reference Bibliographer - German, Classics, Linguistics, Humanities


Pamela Bagley, Informaton & Education Services Librarian, Biomedical Libraries

Barbara DeFelice, Head of Kresge Physical Sciences Library

Mark Mounts, Business & Engineering Reference Librarian, Feldberg Library

Becky Torrey, Acquisitions Specialist


Initial Timeline March 13, 2006 pdf file

WIT Meeting Notes

Restricted to Library Staff

February 20, 2006 pdf

February 15, 2006 pdf

January 31, 2006 Initial Meeting pdf

Archived Information

Team FSX - Federated Searching Exploration

SPIT - Scholars Portal Implementation Team - This website no longer available