Web Round Table

Statement of Purpose

The Library website is a decentralized system, some of which is maintained via a Content Management System (currently OmniUpdate), and is organized by subsites.  Each department and library has a subsite within the library website.  The Library Web Roundtable (LibWebRT) is a communications venue for those responsible for the content and design of the Library web subsites. Each member of LibWebRT is responsible for the maintenance of a public subsite section, and also responsible for any staffweb/intranet  items for their departments. 

Tasks & Responsibilities

Departmental Web

  • Verify content of information on subsite is up-to-date.
  • Schedule a periodic review of subsite web pages with department.
  • Reviewing weekly link checking report and repair broken links
  • Monitor web analytics for your department.
  • Adhere to Library Style Guide for subsite.
  • Ensure website adheres to current standards and is XHTML compliant.
  • Ensure website is accessible and adheres to current college-sanctioned accessibility standards.
  • Verify any restricted documents or folders are secure.
  • Verify web searching for your departmental subsite is working correctly.
  • Verify all pages have current meta-tags.
  • Keep meta-tags within your subsite web pages current.
  • Eliminate library lingo as much as possible, especially so for public services departments.
  • Verify pages are printer-friendly.


  • Share problems and techniques to solve problems .
  • Contribute design and template suggestions for website.
  • Document approved designs and templates.
  • Become OmniUpdate 'expert' within your department.
  • Help others in department with OmniUpdate.
  • Update OmniUpdate page properties; especially date after page update.

Library Website

  • Contribute suggestions for centralized web services.
  • Collaborate for image sharing.
  • Suggest new features for current staff tools.
  • Suggest needs for new staff tools.
  • Participate in project working teams (if needed).
  • Be proactive in reporting problems and out of date information anywhere in the library website.
  • Be aware of how your subsite fits into the overall library site. Be proactive about sharing information within LibWebRT.
  • Verify and maintain your subsite entries in the A to Z list.
  • Contribute and help define any appropriate web policies.
  • Contribute to and verify any shared documentation for library web managers is maintained (such as the 'style guide' and 'best practices document').
  • Document shared procedures (such as rotation of designs, use of footer 3) in "Best Practices" document.


  • Communicate any web changes and/or updates to your department.
  • Communicate major changes about website to library group via staff news.
  • Communicate new services and web enhancements needed by your department back to LibWebRT.

College Website

  • Keep abreast of current authentication methods in use at Dartmouth.  Consult with the Library Web Team regarding best practices for protecting web pages.
  • Be aware of web developments and tools at College-wide level.


Dennis Grady, Joshua Shaw (Co-chairs)

Every department should have at least one person who attends the Web Round Table meetings.  Since the library website is so distributed, there may be multiple people per department who will contribute to the maintenance of their departmental or committee web pages.  At least one person within a department should be able to help others with OmniUpdate issues.


The Web Round Table meets quarterly. Meetings are held in Baker 152 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Agendas will be announced in advance.


Working Space (restricted to library staff)

Meeting Notes (wiki)