Attaching barcodes to monographs
for the daily new book truck

This change in policy, regarding attachment of barcodes to monographic paperbacks, applies only to items that form the daily new book truck.

Barcodes will be attached to all paperbacks measuring over ¼" which will be shelved in the general collection and Tower Room.


  • Softbound scores (including spiral bindings)
  • Music parts
  • Art Special items
  • Special Collections items
  • Loose pages (such as theses)
  • Boxes
  • Maps
  • Books requiring repair
  • Odd balls (i.e. books made of unusual materials, artist books for the general collection)

If in doubt, attach barcode to travel slip and let Preservation staff make the decision. Preservation staff are always happy to clarify the instructions.

Barcodes for non-book material will continue to be stapled to the travel slip.



Preservation Services 7-7-09