New Acqusitions Lists Enhancement Task Force


The New Acqusitions Lists Enhancement Task Force will survey staff and users to determine desired enhancements to the New Acquisitions Lists, will propose a set of enhancements to DLG and will manage the implementation process including design, user surveys, testing, and release. The Task Force will work with DLUAG and other library groups and departments as necessary to carry out its charge. The Task Force is convened by, and reports to the Digital Library Group (DLG).


Someone from the former Current Awareness Group, Roberto Hoyle (DLTG programmer), someone from Collections Services who can speak to new materials workflows, a reference bibliographer, someone from Access Services, liaison from DLG (if not already represented above).

Jim Fries, Chair

Miles Yoshimura

Carol Magenau

John DeSantis

Roberto Hoyle

Peter Collins


The Task Force should think broadly about the opportunity to publicize additions to the library collections and :

  • Research modern data push technologies (such as RSS) to see if there are other desirable methods for getting the data to users
  • Investigate improving the patron experience by providing a means to request the new materials online, taking into consideration the new materials workflows of Acquisitions, Cataloging and Access Services along with the timing of the generation of the lists.
  • Utilize recently-gathered information which was supplied by the Current Awareness Group to DLMG.


  • Jan 2005 – February 2005 Task Force convenes, does surveys, prepares proposal
  • March 16, 2005 Present Enhancement proposal to DLG
  • March 2005 – April 2005 Programmer makes enhancements
  • May 2005 Alpha testing by Task Force, user testing, refinements based on user test
  • June 2005 soft roll-out, marketing
  • September 2005 Fall-term marketing to coincide with What’s New in DL (if desired)