Tool kit 1: How to publicize an event

If you are organizing a Library event, or are the Library representative on an event that’s being co-hosted with another group, the tips on this page will help you publicize your event to the Dartmouth community.

The suggestions are ranked in priority order. For some events, only the first two or three steps are appropriate. Some events warrant broader marketing, and event organizers will want to use the resources detailed farther down on the list.

1.  Write-up a description of the event, including the time, date, and location.

2.  Post the event description to the Library News.

  • Select “Public News Item”
  • The expiration date should be the day of your event (the news item will display for the entirety of the expiration date.)
  • Click on “Automatically Post Item to the Patron Library Announce Bulletin.”
  • Click on “Automatically Send Item to Library Group email list.”
  • The Library News editors will review the information and then publish your news item.

3.  Post the event description on D2U (Dartmouth Daily Updates).

4.  Create a PowerPoint slide with an image and a small amount of text to advertise your event. Send this to the contact at each library where you’d like your event posted. For the Baker-Berry screen, email your slide(s) to Greg Potter.

5.  Request that your event be listed on the Dartmouth Events Calendar.

6.  Email “Dartmouth Now” with notice of your event.