Charge for Catalog Development Task Force

  1. Survey, evaluate, and make recommendations for the Web OPAC in the following areas:
    1. Available system features and settings
    2. Optional modules and products from Innovative
    3. Third party information products and services to enhance the Catalog
    4. Local metadata projects to enhance usability
  2. Make recommendations for a long-term structure to guide Web OPAC development.
Included with this charge is a checklist of specific issues that should be considered.

Initial Checklist for the Catalog Development Group

  • Available System Features & Settings
    • Shopping Cart & batch requesting
    • Initial article suppression - We are one of the few who don't use this option.
    • Captioning under search tabs.
    • Extended display issues
    • Add sorting feature - see to see this feature.
    • Change keyword search logic - see to see this feature.
    • Preferred Searches
    • Email alerts
    • Reading history
    • Z39.50 searching of other catalogs
    • Suppress the Request Selected Item button for non-requestable items
  • Optional Modules & Products from III
    • Scoping for journals, web resources, etc.
    • WebBridge
  • Third Party Information Products
    • Blackwell Tables of Contents
  • Local Metadata Projects to Enhance Usability
    • Format icons (Digital Resource / eResource) - have to do cleanup before this can be implemented.
    • Item records for journals / MPIs
    • Hiding URLS in hotlinks in item records (text in subfield "z"; url in subfield "u")
    • AVAILABLE / LIB USE ONLY; Use OPAC message?
    • Loan Periods - restrictions - Use OPAC message?
    • Old Dartmouth call numbers - Use OPAC message?
    • Cross references to JSTOR from print journals / print to digital transitions.
    • Checkin record migration
  • Desiderata
    • Ability to request in process items
    • Ability to place recalls (students)