Catalog Development Task Force


The Catalog Development Task Force will report to DLMG. This temporary task force will present recommendations for the next phase of development for the Library Catalog and recommend a long-term structure for future development. During the course of its work, the Catalog Development Task Force is expected, when appropriate, to gather input from the user community, including Library staff, students, and faculty. User testing will be done as needed. The final report should be submitted on or before August 31st. Recommendations that are easy to implement with minimal patron impact may be submitted in advance of the final report.

This task force is the second stage for catalog improvements. The first phase was a graphical redesign of the catalog to bring it into the look and feel of the Digital Library. The new design was implemented during June Intersession, 2004.



Final Report (html)

Final Report (Word Document)

Recommendation Spreadsheet (Excel)

Recommendation Spreadsheet - Priorities (Excel)