eResources Database Group

Draft Charge

The eResources Database in the Digital Library at Dartmouth has been designed by the Digital Library Design Group and implemented by the Digital Library Technologies Group to give library users direct access to digital resources. The eResources Database Group is charged with development and improvement of the public interface to the eResources area of the Digital Library at Dartmouth. Specific points to consider include:


  • Indexing and index search options
  • Limit capabilities
  • Default search index
  • Prominence of the search function in relation to the subject folders
  • Advanced search features
  • Development of new functionalities (i.e. integration of a Library Catalog search)


  • Content (folder structure)
  • More precise definition for content in "Type of Resource" (database vs. ebook vs. abstract & index)
  • Further development of the folder editing tool


  • Result screen layout and features
  • Long display and the "i" information icon)
  • Default number of hits per page
  • Development of new features (i.e. radio buttons to select multiple subjects; sort options; export functions (email, endnote etc.))

Instructional aspects:

  • The group should pay close attention to both content and presentation, to provide clarity and understanding.

The group should work closely with Digital Library Technologies group and Cataloging & Metadata Services to implement changes and new features.

All changes and new features should undergo user testing.

Digital Library Design Group Functional Spec for Release no. 1 (11/02):

November 15th, 2002