Digital Initiatives

The Digital Library Management Group (DLMG) is responsible for all of the established programs and new initiatives within the Digital Library at Dartmouth. Library digital products available to library users via the network have a place in the Digital Library at Dartmouth and should be accessible through this site.

We encourage you to make sure that your digital projects are included in the digital library. For regular purchasing of commercial digital products, ordering the products in the usual way through Acquisitions Services will ensure the inclusion of the product in the digital library. For purchases of major or innovative products, the DLMG and the DLMG Content Group can work with the bibliographer to coordinate all aspects of integrating the product into the Digital Library at Dartmouth.

For digital projects that are created here at Dartmouth, the DLMG can offer assistance with design and creation. This assistance will ensure that digital projects use appropriate standards and methods to ensure the longevity of the product and to provide access to the product to library users through the Digital Library architecture. The DLMG can also insure that all Digital Library products are served in a stable and uninterrupted manner. The DLMG can provide the necessary data about resource allocation to assist with applications for external funding for Digital Library projects.

The DLMG is charged with meeting the Library’s goal to “develop and maintain the Digital Library at Dartmouth as a key component of a comprehensive library system for all faculty, students, staff, alumni, and programs.” The current goal of the DLMG is to bring all digital products into the digital library to make them accessible through this portal. If you have a digital product that exists outside the digital library we ask that you contact the DLMG with a brief summary of the product. The group will see that it is added to the digital library so that it is known to the greater library community. It is important that all digital content be accessible through the new digital library.

If you are planning a new project, please email the DLMG with a brief summary of the project. Members of the DLMG will consult with the project manager on matters of design, servers, metadata, archiving, and integration into the Digital Library architecture. The consultation is designed to encourage a variety of projects and coordinate the products of all digital projects into the digital library to ensure access to and permanence of those digital resources.

The summary should contain:

  • the goals of the project
  • the intended audience
  • how the project is related to other Digital Library features
  • timeframe for completing the project
  • budget (if one exists)

Examples of Library digital products are:

  • digital content created by scanning library or other collections
  • digital content acquired by the library either by purchase or lease
  • databases or other finding aids created to provide access to collections either inside or outside of the library
  • faculty-generated digital publications
  • educational products created to enhance the users experience of the digital library
  • cooperative digital projects that involve other campus departments, other institutions, and/or external funding agencies
  • Digital Library tools and services for library users
  • a web page describing or providing access to items in the library collection.

The ability to move forward on new digital initiatives is directly linked to the availability of resources to support those efforts. The DLMG reports to the Library Administrative Group, who holds responsibility for the library's resource deployment. DL initiatives may flow from the Library Administrative Group and the Librarian of the College, as well as DLMG.

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