Welfare Committee Guidelines

Welfare Chairperson

The chairperson is responsible for ordering the flowers or arranging the donations as soon as possible after receiving notification from the liaison. The chair must also maintain a Welfare Log of flowers or donations sent, remind the staff to contact their liaison when they wish something be sent, and send a letter of welcome to new employees. The chair is a member of the Executive Board and is expected to attend the board meetings. At the meetings the chair should report on any activities done since the Executive Board last met. At the semi-annual general meetings of the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association the chair will give a report of all activities since the last general meeting, stating the number of flowers or donations.

General Guidelines

  1. Flowers will be sent or a donation made whenever a department liaison requests the Welfare chairperson to do so.
  2. Generally, flowers will be ordered when an employee is hospitalized for illness, surgery, or accident. They will also be sent for birth to or adoption by an employee or employee’s spouse or partner. If an employee is ill at home for a lengthy stay flowers may also be sent on a quarterly basis.
  3. In the event of the death of an employee, flowers will be sent to the next of kin or partner, or equal monetary contribution will be donated to a specified charity, and flowers or a plant will be purchased for the department that suffered the loss in memory of their co-worker. The association will also send flowers to, or a donation for any employee who suffers a death in their immediate family (following the guidelines as set by college policies).
  4. Cards may also be sent for graduations, in cases of long illness or in sympathy at the discretion of the Welfare committee.

Guidelines revised 16 October 2003