October Spotlight

DCLSA Newsletter Spotlight                              Presented by DCLSA’s Marketing Committee:

Sept/Oct 2013                                                 Mary Bingham, Baker-Berry Access Services

                                                                      Rick Hansen (Chair), Dana Biomedical

                                                                      April Hayden, Baker-Berry Access Services


The Program Committee has been a popular branch of the DCLSA (Dartmouth College Library Staff Association) and current Chairwoman, Miriam ‘Goodie’ Corriveau, has helped shape many engaging events. The DCLSA once operated as a “dues paying” association with a busy activity schedule, but now, that membership is open and free. Goodie enjoys designing events that produce memorable and shared experiences for the Dartmouth Library employees.


Goodie has participated in the DCLSA in various capacities during her twenty-four years as a Dartmouth employee. She has served as a Recorder, as our Scholarship Committee Chair person, and as a committed volunteer during countless events.


Comments and suggestions from coworkers often start: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” This is when Goodie takes charge and develops ideas into activities and exclusive events for the DCLSA. As the Program Committee Chair, Goodie has been involved in planning several “Behind the Scenes Tours.” Previous tours brought staff through the steam tunnels underneath the Dartmouth Green, through the old Hanover burial ground, and into DHMC to see the “SimLab” (their patient-education-training center). Our unique outings show off new LEED certified buildings, depict explorations of the visual arts and architecture, elaborate on expert descriptions from the Campus Arborist, and most recently, offer an in-depth look at the HOP. Goodie has also organized raffles and bake sales to support our annual November Craft Fair (only one month away). These events benefit our coworkers, bringing joy and entertainment, while also serving to raise funds in an effort to better support each other.


Goodie remembers and honors the traditions set by our former DCLSA members. Now retired, their ideas, contributions, and commitment to the wellbeing of their coworkers have made a lasting impact on Goodie. With Goodie’s help, the future of DCLSA is most certainly bright.


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