October Meeting Minutes 2013

DCLSA Meeting – 10/22/2013 – 2:00pm

In attendance: David Sandberg, Andrea Kazilionis, April Hayden, Rosie Vanasse, Rick Hansen, Goodie Corriveau, Dennis Brown, Phyllis Nemhauser, Tracey Dugdale, Greg Potter, Alison Eakin

Committee Reports

Archives: Welcome Andrea, new chair of the Archives committee! Andrea met with David to discuss the committee objectives and will soon visit Rauner to take stock of our holdings there. She would like to meet with members of DCLSA to get feedback and ideas on how to best archive DCLSA documents and to create data retention plans. Please contact Andrea if you would like to share your ideas.

Scholarship/Awards: No scholarships were awarded this month. David is working on revising the awards banquet documentation and will send it to Rick when he is finished to be posted on the website.

Programming: Goodie reported that we will not host an official Halloween event or activity, but hopes that people celebrate in their own ways! She has received many suggestions for events (discussed again later). The craft fair will include a bake sale hosted by library staff members. Greg will solicit donations of baked goods via email in the mass message he will send out soon to recruit volunteers for the event. Goodie will coordinate helpers to set up, price, and sell the donated items on the day of the Craft Fair.

Welfare: Julie sent a report stating that the library acknowledged three deaths (a husband, a grandfather, and a mother), one surgery, and one illness.

Craft fair: One month away! Greg reported that the posters will be finished soon. He will be mailing postcards to all venders. He will also be meeting with Conferences and Events soon to nail down details. There are still a few spots open for venders.

Marketing: April, Mary Bingman, and Rick have been busy working on advertising for the craft fair. An ad will be posted soon on the DCLSA facebook page and website. Andi Bartelstein will post it on the Library’s facebook page. Rick also reported that the marketing committee will post info on various listservs, D2U, Valley News, Library Muse, etc. Bark Krieger had volunteered to handle the Valley News ad. It was suggested that we should add a photo of last year’s event to the ad. Rick also reported that he posted a new newsletter on the DCSLA facebook and website featuring DCLSA member Goodie Corriveau! /~library/home/committees/dclsa/october_spotlight_2013.html

Finance: No news to report. Budget is on track.


Events to consider: (send any additional ideas to David)

  • David is working on planning a square dancing event but was having trouble finding a local instructor. Phyllis suggested we contact Rick Barrows, who is a former Dartmouth student. We talked about possible locations and times for this event. It might be a good event to do in the spring or summer.
  • April suggested we plan an event modeled after the HR department’s “Bring your own salad topping” lunch. Once a month we could set up a salad bar in the break room of Baker-Berry from noon-2pm. We could provide lettuce and dressing and everyone would be encouraged to bring a topping to share. Phyllis suggested we purchase lettuce from Dartmouth’s organic farm. We also talked about ways to accommodate our night staff.
  • David would like us to host a lunch time poetry reading, maybe in the 1902 room.
  • We discussed hosting a library-wide talent show.
  • April asked whether we would consider funding department-wide celebrations when supervisors would like to reward their departments for specific achievements. This could be as simple as donating pizza or chocolate for meetings.
  • We talked about hosting activities in celebration of the winter Olympics – such as a Russian Tea Party, skiing, ice skating, etc.
  • Greg mentioned that many of our student workers who work during the winter break are stuck on campus with no dining options (dining halls close for at least one week). He thought we could host a pot-luck for them or even invite them to our annual holiday party.

Bank account: David mentioned that Anthony would like us to continue our discussion of changing the signatory name on our bank account. We will discuss this at the next meeting.

Reminder: The craft fair is only one month away! Greg will solicit help from members if/when needed!

Holiday party: David is looking for musicians! Send ideas his way.

This is my last DCLSA meeting and I have really enjoyed being involved with this group and getting to know you all! Best of luck to you all in the future. The entire library staff is lucky to have such a wonderful group supporting them and making this a great place to work!   Take care!   -Alison