November Spotlight

Spotlight on Barb Krieger and the DCLSA Craft Fair

Barbara L. Krieger or Barb, as she’s known, is the archives supervisor at Rauner Special Collections library. As a long time library employee and craftsperson, she’s often assisted with the annual Craft Fair and volunteered for our Dartmouth Library Staff Association (DCLSA) “behind the scenes.” Some people may not be able to commit to being an officer for the organization, but participating in other ways allows people to give back. Barb mentioned that even decorating for a party….can be “giving in a little way and still help the mission of the organization.”

Barb speaks of the DCLSA as an organization that is generous to their staff. “This organization throws a holiday party for the whole staff every year.” She understands that not all Dartmouth employees have an organization supporting them in this unique manner.

Our events range from holiday parties to team spirit celebrations. She recalled a particularly memorable library staff association program known as “the spring fling karaoke night”. Barb quipped, “It was a stitch! Hysterical!” That DCLSA sponsored event included frivolity, hors d’oeuvres, and unforgettable moments with fellow staff members.

There have been many entertaining or practical DCLSA functions over the years. Our upcoming 22nd annual Craft Fair on November 22nd, 11am-5pm at the Top of the Hop/Alumni Hall links us with our community and supports various DCLSA programs. As a creative artist, Barb has been handcrafting treasures 15-20 hours a week to ready inventory to sell at the fair. This will be a fabulous opportunity to purchase distinctive holiday gifts. It also raises money for library scholarships. Come see Barb Krieger’s alluring jewellery designs and those of many other artisans at the craft fair!


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