DCLSA Mug Redesign Contest

Thank you for all of your entries. The contest is now closed. Your DCLSA Marketing Committee (panel of three judges) is reviewing. Expect the three finalists' images to be posted and voted on by YOU soon.

Showcase your artistic talent and participate in the DCLSA new employee mug redesign contest! The new design will be reproduced on mugs and given to new employees as a welcome gift from the DCLSA. The winner will receive a $50.00 gift card.



All entry forms must be completed for consideration                                       

cups  huge cup cup

Criteria for Judging

1. Suitability for reproduction 

2. Creativity, originality, and artistic quality

3. Artistic Composition

4. Clear message conveyed by the text and artwork

5. Visual clarity

old dc mug

Technical Requirements for Submission

1. Design must be submitted electronically for ease of reproduction, but each entry may be drawn in a medium desired by the contestant

2. Dimensions might need to be adjusted for reproduction

3. No signature may appear on the design itself

4. Contestants may not submit more than 2 entries

5. Each contestant must sign and agree to Reproduction Rights Agreement per design submission

6. A design not accompanied by a completed release form will not be eligible for further judging

7. All artwork submitted becomes property of the DCLSA, and may be reproduced

8. Copyrighted art or other materials will not be accepted

9. Artwork submitted is to be solely used by the DCLSA; to avoid copyright conflicts, the winning artist must forfeit their right to use the submitted artwork for any other commercial purposes


1. Electronic submissions may be emailed, 300 dpi resolutions and higher are preferred

2. We welcome all styles of artwork, but the design must be scanned or photographed and submitted in digital format

3. Send electronic submissions to the DCLSA email account (or dartmouth.college.library.staff.association@dartmouth.edu)

Requirements/ Guidelines/ Rules

1. Eligibility- Library current and former employees

2. Sponsor- The DCLSA is sponsoring this contest

3. Agreement to contest rules

4. Contest Period: starts from receipt of this form, ends June 30, 2014; submission formats= all mediums ok, but digital submissions required

5. Multiple entries ok, maximum 2 per contestant. All entries become property of DCLSA and will not be returned

6. Three finalists notified: On or about July 11, 2014 by the DCLSA Marketing Committee (panel of three judges). After email notifications have been sent to the three finalists, the three finalists’ images will be posted to the DCLSA homepage for the entire library to vote. After a predetermined voting period, the winner’s artwork will be submitted to the DCLSA Executive Board for an approval vote

7. Winner Notification- an email will be sent to the winner

8. Prizes: A prize of $50.00 in the form of a gift card will be sent to the winner of the DCLSA New Employee Mug Redesign Contest