November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Minutes DCLSA meeting November 26 2013 Baker 152 2-3PM – Attended: Dennis Brown, Tracey Dugdale, Goodie Corriveau, Phyllis Nemhauser, Rosalie Vanesse, David Sandberg

Announcements: We are still in great need of a DCLSA Secretary with Alison’s departure – folks are asked to see if anyone is interested in this important Executive Board position. Contact David.

We talked about the ideas for square dancing, a poetry reading, and salad lunches. David will send the results of his survey monkey to the Board on what library staff would like us to be doing for these ideas.

Committee reports November 2013

Craft Fair: The Craft Fair was well attended and went smoothly. We are waiting on a report on how we did overall from Greg Potter.

Scholarships: There was one scholarship in November for $120 dollars.

Archives: On November 1st, Andrea went to Rauner Library where she surveyed the DCLSA holdings held there.  There were lots of party invitations, flyers, and meeting minutes going back to the 1950s.
The Archives Committee has continued to research and review documents pertaining to drafting a data retention plan. Andrea has begun to compile a “Data Retention Checklist” for the DCLSA.

Moving forward, Andrea hopes to talk to some committee chairs about the types of records being generated and how they’re being stored.

Marketing: Rick Hansen reports that: The New Newsletter "Spotlight" from Marketing Committee focused on Barb Krieger & the Craft Fair. It was posted on the DCLSA webpage and the DCLSA Facebook page last week.
 Rick also updated the DCLSA webpage with the Mary Jo Buckingham Award info, and indicated that Mary Bingman replaced Alison Eakin as a liaison.

Programming: Goodie gave her report.

Welfare: Dennis reported on Julie’s behalf - 1 Wedding, 1 Death, 3 Illnesses. Flowers ordered.

Social: The catering has been ordered and the deposit made for the holiday party. We are using Cutting’s catering, and the menu is:


Baked chicken (50 servings)

Shepherd’s pie (75 servings)

(Vegetarian) Mac & Cheese (50 servings)

 Soup:    Bacon & potato (50 servings)     (Vegetarian) Tex-Mex (50 servings)

 Salad for 150                       Rolls for 150                         Coffee & tea for 150

 As is tradition, we will do potluck desserts (I will send out an e-mail for that at the beginning of December, and again right before the party). I decided to try something different by having soup instead of a fourth entrée/side as we have done in the past - I thought it would be nice in cold weather and perhaps we could encourage people to bring their own mugs?


I don’t know how much of this is a difference in what we are ordering and how much is the different catering companies, but Cutting’s is charging us much less than Blood’s did - the projected total at this time is $1848.75 (compared to $2790.00 for last year).  This means that we can purchase some of the take-away containers I mentioned earlier, as well as new liners for the chafing dishes (Cutting’s will get back to me to me on the size) and I was hoping to get some decorative tablecloths or runners for the tables.  This will still leave a lot - I don’t know if it is needed for the musician, or does anyone have any other suggestions?  (And of course we do not have to match last year - there’s nothing wrong with spending less!)

 Food drive: Is anyone willing to organize the food drive?  If not, I will make up some boxes and deliver to the Haven, but it would be a big help if someone else wanted to take this on.

 Google doc for volunteers:Would anyone be willing to set that up?  I can provide a link to last year’s.

 Seating: Believe it or not, we did run out of seating last year when the crowd was thickest.  We can get most of another table by placing most of the desserts on the individual tables (I am planning on making dessert stands for this purpose), but I’m not sure it will be enough.  I was thinking we could actually remove the couches entirely and bring in some extra tables - do we have any, or would we perhaps have to rent them from FO&M?  This also brings up the question of how much room the musician would require and where - the sooner I can get that information, the better.

 Invitation: I’ve attached a rough draft of the invitation - please let me know if you have any feedback.


Meeting ended 3:45PM.