Annual Spring Meeting - June 17, 2010 word file

Year in Review

President’s Report/Goals – Cheryl Wheelock, Biomedical Libraries

  • Job Descriptions: clarify descriptions to increased awareness
  • Spending: determine spending history as guidelines for future spending
  • Break Room: clarify and define use and responsibilities
  • Scholarship Fund & Craft Fair: look at income versus spending to inform position
  • Monthly Event: tried to have a Social or Programming event every month (Hanover Inn buffet, muffins, Simulation tour)
  • Coordinate with Library groups: the SDC, Diversity Committee and DCLSA will be meeting to coordinate efforts
  • Newsletter: wanted to improve communication; created Facebook page to advertise events
  • Archive: created a new committee to organize DCLSA historical information; Melissa Hudson
  • Web Page: provide a place for news, calendar, constitution

Many thanks to the officers from 2009-2010. Also, there are liaison openings in DLTG, Access Services and Baker-Berry Reference.

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson, Access Services

  • Hanover Inn Luncheon
  • Muffins/Apples for departments
  • Ice Cream after the Spring Meeting
  • Upcoming events include: EBAs, Awards (Sept), Holiday Party (Dec), perhaps a Halloween party
  • Please send feedback or ideas to Sarah

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau, Acquisitions

  • Thank you, Cheryl. Thank you to staff for suggestions – keep suggesting!
  • Events: Backstage tour of HOP, Professor Virginia Beahan photography of Cuba presentation, Colleen Frakes on cartoons and cartooning, campus Greenhouse tour, Patient Safety Training Center tour
  • Upcoming: David DiBenedetto tour (campus arborist)

Marketing – Michelle Lee (absent – no report)

Welfare – Julie McIntyre, Acquisitions

  • It was a quiet year, or no one tells Julie anything
  • 2 babies, 5 surgeries/accidents, 5 family deaths
  • Let Julie know about events and she’ll help you select an appropriate gift to send

Scholarship – Danada Dinsmore, Cataloging & Metadata

  • Reimbursement for education or self-improvement. Not sure if something qualifies – ask!

    Summer '09: 11 awards totaling $815.95, 9 health, 2 academic
    Fall '09: 11 totaling $554, 8 health, 3 academic
    Winter '10: 7 totaling $360, 5 health, 1 academic, 1 art
    Spring '10: 4 totaling $159.95, 3 health, 1 art

    33 total scholarships in amount of $1889.90

  • The number and average value of scholarships are increasing. They are funded by the craft fair, so help us succeed!

Webpage – Marcia Pirone, Kresge Library

  • We transitioned to a new website. It has a photo album for events (staff only) that is open to contributions.
  • The website was used to document a lot of the year’s activities – online.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sweeney & Marilyn Milham, Biomedical Libraries

  • Despite rain and a new venue, 31 staff volunteers and shoppers made it a success.
  • 15% of vendor sales, 100% of baked goods ($200+) goes to the profit of the Fair.
  • This Fall the Fair will continue at the Hopkins Center, the raffle was very popular and will return. Donations for the raffle are welcome
  • Looking for someone to spearhead the Bake Sale table effort
  • Will develop fliers that explain the Craft Fair/DCLSA Scholarship connection
  • Will improve signage since the HOP is huge and has many exits/entrances
  • The date of the next fair is the Friday before Thanksgiving (Nov 19th)

Archive – Melissa Hutson, Cataloging & Metadata (absent – no report)

Finance Committee – Kathy O’Neill, Acquisitions (absent – presented by David Sandberg)

  • This committee was created this year to monitor spending by the DCLSA and make recommendations to the Board. Consists of Kathy O’Neill, Jan Peltzer and the Vice President (currently Lynn Amber). The Treasurer will make payments and other day-to-day activities (funds, receipts); the Committee looks at the bigger picture.

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Bushor, Cataloging & Metadata (absent – presented by Cheryl Wheelock)

  • The report has been posted to the DCLSA website and is available there for review.

DCLSA Constitution Change – proposal to limit the Treasurer’s terms of service to two consecutive years and to add the Finance Committee to the list of committees. – Passed.