Spring General Meeting - June 18, 2009 word file

Meeting called to order by Karen MacPhee, outgoing President, at 1:40 p.m.

  • KM presented side-by-side Powerpoint versions of the DCLSA Constitution; revised, amended version was voted on and passed. Available through link on DCLSA website.
  • Goals: KM: July 1, 2008 to June 30th, 2009 Executive Board accomplishments included:
    • Compilation of new descriptions and documentation for each executive board position, which will be helpful for staff who may consider running for office or accepting a nomination.
    • New DCLSA website, thanks to Web update committee members Marcia Pirone, Michelle Lee, and Pat Morris. Site is a work in progress; suggestions for improvements welcome. K.M. reviewed new website onscreen.
    • Establishment of Marketing Committee.
    • Set budget for Program Committee.
    • Devised proposal for covering public service desks to enable staff to participate in DCLSA activities.
    • Did online staff survey; results: majority would like more social events, such as cocoa breaks, parties or picnics, and theme days (like funny hats or Hawaiian shirts). KM thanked those who participated in survey.
  • KM thanked Jeff Horrell and others in the Main Office for continued funding of the DCLSA.
  • KM thanked Social Committee and other volunteers for all their hard work.
  • Appreciation to Barbara Krieger for all her years of running the Craft Fair. The November 2008 fair, along with the raffle and library bake/crafts/odds`n ends table raised around $2,500.00 for the scholarship fund.
  • KM thanked Danada Dinsmore for chairing the Scholarship Committee, Julie McIntyre for chairing the Welfare Committee, Goodie Corriveau for the Program Committee, Marcia Pirone for the Web Committee, Michelle Lee for Marketing Committee, and the liaisons and members-at-large for all their help.
  • Also thanks to recorder Melissa Hutson for her accurate minutes and to Barb Bushor for her work as treasurer.
  • KM introduced incoming President Cheryl Wheelock and thanked her for being such a conscientious Vice President, including heading up the DCLSA when Karen was on leave.
  • Elections: Cheryl thanked everyone who agreed to be nominated and all those who voted online for the new Executive Board, and introduced newly-elected members:
    • Members-at-large:
      Matt Agnoli (1 year, remainder of term of person who resigned),
      Jan Peltzer (3-year term), and
      Colleen Frakes, also 3-year term.
    • Treasurer: Barb Bushor (unopposed)
    • Recorder: Melissa Hutson re-elected.
    • Vice-President/President Elect: Dave Sandberg
  • CW is looking forward to working with the new board.
  • Welfare Committee report: KM in absentia for Julie McIntyre:
    Annual Report: Welfare Acknowledgments (mostly plants, floral arrangements, or monetary contributions) for FY 2008/09:
    • 3 - Births
    • 12 - Family deaths
    • 4 - Staff Illnesses
  • Social Committee report: Marianne Densmore thanked fellow committee members Joyce Thurston and Sylvia Wilcox for all their help.
    Activities included:
    • Fall Awards luncheon, which honored 14 staff members,
    • December Holiday party, which included generous participation in the clothing drive. Many, MANY pairs of mittens, hats, scarves, and other warm items were gathered and donated, along with some food and pet food.
    • Spring EBA’s lunch; successful but not as well attended as in previous years.
  • Scholarship Committee report: Danada Dinsmore. 22 scholarships awarded in FY 2008/09; 21 fitness related, one for academic purposes. Was the first year when staff could submit once for expenses like fitness center memberships and receive their entire year’s allotment of scholarship funds ($120.00) in one check. VERY popular new feature. Every staff member entitled to up to three $40.00 (or one $120.00) scholarships each fiscal year, in exchange for assisting with DCLSA activities. Any questions, ask Danada.
  • Program Committee: Goodie Corriveau. Thanked all those who expressed appreciation for past DCLSA programs and made suggestions for future ones. Activities in FY 2008/09 included arranging Halloween get-together along with the Social Committee, and holding fund-raiser raffle which raised approximately $500.00 for the Scholarship Committee.
  • Craft Fair Committee: Danelle Sweeney: she and Marilyn Milham are taking over from Barb Krieger for the November 2009 Fair. Collis has become too expensive; the new venue will be Alumni Hall. More crafters needed; contact Danelle with suggestions.
  • Web Committee: Marcia Pirone: Hoping >http://www.dartmouth.edu/~dclsa/< will be a fun and interactive website. Contact her with ideas and suggestions for site.
  • Treasurer’s report: Barb Bushor absent, will compile detailed end of fiscal year report and present it at next Executive Board meeting (July 8, 2009).
  • Business segment of meeting concluded and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was enjoyed by those in attendance.

Goodie Corriveau, filling in for Melissa Hutson.