Spring Meeting - June 13, 2001 word file

The meeting convened at 10:07.

Jim Fries, DCLSA President spoke briefly about the DCLSA's activities this past year. He stressed the major changes within the library noting what an eventful hectic year it had been. In spite of that, the DCLSA continued to work quietly in the background and in his opinion, was an effective spokesman for the library staff. Jim acknowledged the contributions of all of the board members and thanked them for their help this past year. This included, Matt Wiencke-Treasurer, Lisa Ladd-Secretary, Julie McIntyre-Welfare, Jill Wilcox-Social Committee, Barbara Krieger-Crafts Fair, Goodie Corriveau-Scholarship, Eric Alstrom-Vice President Steve Snyder and Laura Gillespie-Members-at-Large

The DCLSA Secretary, Lisa Ladd asked the assembly to approve the minutes of the previous general meeting. The minutes of the Fall General Meeting November 8, 2000 were approved.

Matt Wiencke, DCLSA Treasurer, gave his report next. He stated that the DCLSA was in good financial shape, highlighting the holiday party, and the ability to spend more on appetizers this year, rather than relying on staff to bring them in. He noted that scholarships have increased and reminded everyone that they have up to $100.00 a year to spend for their staff rooms for supplies and appliances. He said there was still money left over in the old charge account (monies supplied previously from Baker vending machines) and the new one (7000.00 annual amount supplied by the college in lieu of vending machine earnings). Matt suggested that the DCLSA could sponsor more events in the future, if people wanted to help facilitate the events.

Jim Fries gave the Welfare Report on behalf of Julie McIntyre. There were 5 bouquets for illness this year, 4 bereavements, and 2 contributions coordinated with the Main Office.

Goodie Corriveau gave the Scholarship Report. There were 13 scholarships awarded since November, 3 for Academic, and 10 for Fitness. Goodie emphasized that all library staff are eligible for these scholarships, and that they can be used for any self improvement course, academic, fitness or otherwise. Scholarships are 25.00, and are awarded 3 times within the fiscal year. She then raised the assembly the suggestion to increase the scholarship amount to 40.00 citing the rise in cost of courses and books for courses. This suggestion was further discussed and acted upon, under New business.

Barbara Krieger reported on the DCLSA craft fair last November. Sales were approximately 1300.00, which was down by 260.00. Barbara noted there was not a DCLSA bake table, this last fair, which is a clear profit for the DCLSA. She said there would be 30 crafters again this year. The date of the 2001 fair is Friday, November 16, in Collis. She suggested that the craft fair hours be extended until 5:30 so that people could come shop on their way home. She stressed this meant the volunteers who help break it down would have to work much later, and said this could be discussed, closer to the sale. She asked for help with Publicity, and volunteers to take charge of the Bake Sale table. She plans to send letters out to the Liaison's at the end of the month and stressed they need to be shown to the departmental staff.

Jim Fries announced new staff, for John Crane.

  • Tom Agan-Baker/Berry Document Delivery
  • Michael Beardsley-Baker/Berry Reference
  • Karla Bushway-Acquisitions
  • Kimberly LaValley-Sherman
  • Richard Lucier-Librarian's Office
  • Glenn Marvel-Dana Document Delivery
  • T. Rawley Massoth-Dana Circulation
  • Cheryl Wood-Matthews Fuller


New Business: Jim Fries spoke about Goodie Corriveau's proposal to increase the DCLSA scholarships to 40.00, an amount that the Treasurer suggested could work with our funds. A vote was taken, and it was unanimously decided that the DCLSA scholarships will now be $40.00, effective July 1st.

Jim Fries mentioned the recent cleaning of the Baker/Berry staff refrigerator. Kim Wheeler, who is now in charge of said cleaning, asked staff not to bring in large things like punch, milk for coffee etc. and leave them. She asked that if a department was having a party, leftovers not be left in the refrigerator, as these were the types of things she had to throw out when she cleaned.

Jim Fries raised a final suggestion. That the DCLSA secretary should henceforth be known as the DCLSA recorder. A vote was called, and the unanimously decided, that it will be DCLSA Recorder from now on.

With much applause for Jim, Eric Alstrom the new DCLSA president, announced the officers for the 2001-02 year.

  • Miguel Valladares-Vice President
  • Sean Padgett-Recorder
  • Jamie Dalton-Treasurer
  • John Cocklin, Lucinda Hall, Becky Torrey and Laura Gillespie are the new members-at -large.


Eric said he looked forward to the coming year, and stressed the need for volunteers. Additional questions were raised by the assembly.

Mimi Curphey mentioned she was wondering if the DCLSA could consider rolling over the 100.00 used for staff rooms, rather than liquidating it and starting fresh each year. She specified the need, at times for larger purchases, like a microwave etc, that might be more money than the 100.00. Matt Wiencke said he would look at the numbers to see if this was something we could do. A suggestion was made that a cap could be set, or possibly that there might be a fund for larger purchases , like microwaves that only come up once in awhile.

Jill Wilcox asked if the Storage library was eligible for these same funds. She expressed frustration, as when she was employed out there, she was told that they couldn't, and that their staff room was Berry/Baker. Discussion ensued, and it was decided Storage should be eligible for these funds, like all the other branch libraries.

Gloria Densmore asked about the $7000.00 from the College, why they were giving it to us. Matt explained that this money will be granted to us, on an annual basis, because of our loss of vending machine proceeds in Berry/Baker. John Crane and John Cocklin negotiated this for us last year.

Meeting adjourned at 10:42 am.
Respectfully Submitted-Lisa Ladd