Spring General Meeting - June 12, 1997

The DCLSA president, Hazen Allen, called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m. Hazen welcomed the LSA members and asked John Crane to introduce the new Library staff members. The departments with new staff are: Sherman Art Library and Dana, with two each; Baker, with new staff in Circulation, Maps/Government Documents, Reference, and Microtext; Bibliographic Control; DCIS; Feldberg; and the Librarian's Office. We also have a new courier.

The minutes of the Fall General Meeting were read by Debra Agnoli and approved as read by the LSA members.

Deb Sicard presented the Treasurer's report for the past six months. The report was approved by the LSA. (See attached report.)

Committee reports were presented as follows:

The Social Committee report was given by Marianne Wilson. The Sweeney Todd event, made possible by the gift from the Class of 1951, was a huge success. Marianne thanked the many people who made successes all of the events given by the Social Committee in the past year.

Pat Iacuzzi reported that the Scholarship Committee awarded fifteen more scholarships in the past six months.

The Program Committee had a great turnout for Phil Cronenwett's presentation on the history of the Dartmouth Library. While Juli Hincks reported that there were no further programs after that, she suggested to the LSA membership that they send their ideas for future programs to the Executive Board.

Lisa MacRae reported that ten flower arrangements were sent and welcome letters were mailed to six new staff members.

Hazen named Barb Krieger and Joyce Blunt as the co-chairs in charge of the Annual Crafts Fair. Ten letters have been mailed to the potential returning crafters, and the LSA membership should be hearing from Barb and Joyce within the next couple of weeks. They would like an idea by October 1 of how many crafters will be participating. Joyce and Barb are hoping for twenty to twenty-five crafters.

Baker Staff Room Update: The painting is complete and the new lamps are here. Some of the new furniture will be arriving on Friday, with the rest to be delivered by the end of the month. The window coverings will be mini-blinds, and there will be a light-colored fabric covering for the bulletin board. Hazen would like the Executive Board to appoint a permanent liaison to act for the staff room. Hazen also thanked all who were involved in making the redecorating of the staff rooms happen.

No old business.

The outgoing president, Hazen Allen, thanked the Executive Board and committee chairs for making the past year of the DCLSA a success. He then introduced the incoming president for the 1997-1998 year, Bess Rowden.

Bess Rowden, president, introduced the new Executive Board members: Vice President/President-Elect, Barbara Sagraves; Secretary; Lois Krieger; Treasurer; Mark Mounts; and the Members-At-Large, Ridie and Bill Ghezzi.

Bess informed the LSA members that new committee chairs will be appointed at the next Executive Board monthly meeting, and any interested members should notify her if they wish to serve as chair.

No new business.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Agnoli,