Spring General Meeting - June 20, 1996

The Spring General Meeting of the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association was called to order at 10:12 AM, June 20, 1996, by President Danuta Jacob.

Danuta welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

John Crane introduced new staff members: Anne Alford, Cynthia Bird, John Brennan, Amy Nickerson, and Marc Chabot--Biomedical Libraries, Kathleen Kidd--Bib. Records., Mary LaMarca--Information Services, , Mark Mounts--Kresge, Julie Smith-Erickson--Feldberg, Matt Wiencke--Storage/Courier.

The minutes from the Fall Annual meeting were read by Hazen Allen, Vice President/ President Elect. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer's report was given by Deb Sicard. The report detailed the activity from October 17, 1995 to June 18, 1996. After a short questioning of the report, it was accepted as read. (see attached)

The Social Committee Report was given by Marianne Wilson. She thanked everyone for the help with the Holiday Party and Crafts Fair. Danuta thanked the 3 members of the Social Committee for the terrific job they did during the past year and announced the Social Committee will remain the same for the coming year.

Pat Iacuzzi gave the Scholarship Committee report. 28 scholarships were given to 16 staff members. Danuta thanked Pat for volunteering to pick up the Scholarship committee in the middle of the year.

The Welfare Committee Report was given by Lisa MacRae. There were 9 welcome letters sent to new members of the library. 5 flower bouquets were sent for illness or births and 3 memorial bouquets were sent.

Laura Ward explained the activities of the Program committee. The staff survey which was created to gather ideas for the Program Committee took a great deal of time, but the return was excellent. The Holiday party and the luncheon programs on Fred Pond's visit to Vietnam and Tom Kardel's visit to Spain were the three most recent events sponsored by the Program Committee. The final upcoming program event is the bowling night at the Astro Bowl.

Danuta announced the formation of a new committee, the Craft Fair Committee. Patrick Foley is the committee chair. Patrick announced that a new tradition for the fair was decided upon, that is to have the Craft Fair on the Friday before Thanksgiving. This years fair will be held at Collis Common Ground on November 22, 1996. The fair will be from 10-4, but the DCLSA has scheduled the hall from 8-5 allowing time for set up and take down. Other members of the committee are Joyce Blunt, Deb Sicard, and Marjy Whyte. The committee has sent out letters to all of the library staff asking for crafters as well as volunteers to help with the day. There are 7 library crafters, and 2 library volunteers so far. 10 letters were sent to outside vendors. Also needed is a volunteer for the bake sale table.

Old business

Danuta asked how many people have actually had their pictures taken for the Facebook? A short discussion followed.

New business

John Crane made an announcement that there is some money available for refurbishing the Baker Library staff rooms. The Executive board will set up a committee to be involved in the decision-making process.

Do we have a Halloween Party? A survey will be created and sent to all staff.

Danuta thanked every member of each committee for their hard work during the previous year and expressed her pleasure in working with the executive board.

Danuta's last act as President was to introduce the new President, Hazen Allen. Hazen discussed the recent DCLSA elections. 161 ballots were sent out to the staff. 99 were returned. However, there is not a Vice President/ President Elect. Elected Officers are: Debra Agnoli--Secretary, Deb Sicard-Treasurer, MiMi Curphey--1 year member at large, Phyllis Gilbert--3 year member at large, Cherie Burns--3 year member at large

Hazen continued by discussing positive attitudes to help with morale of the library employees. A basic pep talk. He would like suggestions from anyone for activities to increase morale.

Someone suggested DC offering Library classes for the staff who would like to work towards a Masters of Library Science.

The meeting adjourned at 10:56.

Respectfully submitted

Deb Sicard