DCLSA Scholarship Committee Report Fiscal year 2009-2010 word file

Overview of Program:

The DCLSA provides reimbursement scholarships to library employees for a wide variety of educational and self-improvement activities. Qualified activities include, but are not limited to, fees associated with academic and enrichment classes, seminars and workshops through the college or other institution, health and fitness classes, gym memberships and so on. Please keep in mind that scholarships are not limited to activities mentioned here and if you are unsure please ask!

Details of Scholarship Activity:

  • Summer 2009
    11 scholarships (some cover multiple terms) for a total of $815.95
    • 9 health and fitness
    • 2 Academic
  • Fall 2009
    11 scholarships (some covering multiple terms) for a total of $554.00
    • 8 Health and fitness
    • 3 Academic
  • Winter 2010
    7 scholarships (some covering multiple terms) for a total of $360.00
    • 5 Health and fitness
    • 1 Academic
    • 1 Arts
  • Spring 2010
    4 scholarships for a total of $159.95
    • 3 Health and fitness
    • 1 Arts

Summary overview of Scholarship Activity for the fiscal year 2009-2010:

33 scholarships (some covering multiple terms) were given out for a total of $1,889.90

  • 25 Health and fitness
  • 6 Academic
  • 2 Arts

Comparison to previous years:

2006-2007 13 scholarships for $520
2007-2008 23 scholarships for $1,280
2008-2009 23 scholarships for $1,369.95
2009-2010 33 scholarships for $1,889.90

Closing remarks:

As these figure show, over the past four years the number of scholarships given out has more than doubled and the dollar amounts associated with those scholarships has more than tripled! Funding for the Scholarship Program comes directly from the annual DCLSA Crafts Fair held each fall. Danielle and Marilyn, our Craft Fair Committee, work hard all year organizing the Crafts Fair – Thank you!!! --but they can’t do it alone! They need our help -- whether you like crafts, arts or food you can help by donating crafts or baked goods, volunteering your time, or shopping at the fair! As demands for scholarship money becomes increasingly important I would like to take this opportunity to stress the significance of the Crafts Fair and our need for your assistance in making the event a success! Thank you so much for your time and for your continued support of the Scholarship Program.