March 2014 Meeting Minutes

DCLSA Meeting - 3/27/14 - 2:00 PM

In attendance: David Sandberg, Rick Hansen, Goodie Corriveau, Anthony Helm, Dennis Brown, Rosie Vanasse, Greg Potter, April Hayden, Brenda Delany, Phyllis Nemhauser, Emily Wheeler


Mugs are pretty cheap to purchase if they are bought at a high volume. Perhaps have the new logo contest in April/May for the mugs.

There is no easily accessible place on the website to request flower be sent to staff members. One has to know that the requests are given to Julie McIntrye. Perhaps create a menu and add to DCLSA’s website and strengthen the connection with the departmental liaisons, who are the ones to go to for things like that.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee:

         Thursday April 10, 2014 there will be a Presentation on Wellness and discussion. There are fifty-two people from the libraries participating in the College wide Move-IT program. The program committee are working to create a Wellness meeting and notification about it will go to the fifty-two people participating in the Move-IT program will be notified first.

Social Committee:

         On short notice, the social committee has put together an event called “Spring is as sweet as a smile,” which will be happening on Monday, March 30, 2014. There will be a raffle for a plant during the event. Volunteers were asked to set-up at 1PM and to clean up after the event.

Another program is created for April 16, 2014 which will be a Salad Lunch where attendees will be topping and the DCLSA will provide the lettuce and dressings. There was a discussion on promoting a Food Drive during the lunch and for a few weeks after for David’s House.

David decided that there will be no Russian tea event (this event was just an idea that was floated around a few times) this year due to the events happening with Russia.

Welfare Committee:

         The Welfare Committee reports that they sent out only 1 bouquet of flowers this month.

Marketing Committee:

         The Marketing Committee will put out a news article promoting the “Spring is as sweet as a smile” event on Monday. There is a spotlight on “Mind, body, soul” for the spring. April Hayden summarized a book that was promoted on the DCLSA’s Facebook account and on the DCLSA’s library’s webpage. Discussion ensued about if the Marketing Committee wanted to create a Twitter account and if it was possible to keep that account interesting and active enough to warrant the effort. The committee will try to come up with a strategy to promote the Wellness event on April 10 and the Salad Lunch on April 16.

Craft Fair Committee:

         Discussion on whether the traditional day of Friday before Thanksgiving was still a viable option as with the new student schedule, there are not many students around to shop at the event. The Hood Museum has a sale before the Holiday and potentially we could try to coordinate the events to attract more people. Greg will check around for a different space for pricing options. It was also mentioned that if the charge of setting up the tables continue to be excessive, we should charge the vendors or let them bring their own set-up.


  1. Phyllis mentioned an idea to set-up a “Homegrown” website that showcases the products that different library staff members produce and could act as a promotion of the craft fair if these products were sold internally.
    1. Problems with selling homegrown items internally are liabilities, and the DCLSA isn’t a mercantile organization.

Finance Committee:

         The “Spring is as sweet as a smile” event consists of a fifty-five dollar plant raffle and Anthony reminded everyone that they needed to send their projected expense report to him in order for him to budget.

The DCLSA currently has five thousand dollars total between its accounts. We have spent forty-five dollars on memorial, two hundred dollars on scholarships, and one hundred ten dollars on welfare. The savings account received Interest this month! Still hoping to have four thousand in the bank for the next term and we are close to breaking even in expenses and incomes.

Archive Committee:

         The Archive Committee sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago asking the Committee chair’s on what kind of documents that they are producing. A few chair’s have responded but would love to hear from more. The committee asks to be sent any paperwork that could be archived for future use. They are currently working to create a SurveyMonkey survey that would poll members about how they would like to see the documents archived.