February 2014 Meeting Minutes

DCLSA Meeting - 2/27/14 - 2:00 PM

In attendance: David Sandberg, Anthony Helm, Goodie Corriveau, Rick Hansen, Dennis Brown, Brenda Delany, Richard Miller, April Hayden, Rosie Vanasse, Danada Dinsmore, Tracey Dugdale, Emily Wheeler

Announcements: No announcements

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee:

2 scholarships were handed out this month. David and Danada met and discussed whether the program should be a scholarship program or a rewards program. There was more discussion on how the DCLSA should accept proof of program completion and how trusting should we be of our members on following college guidelines. The question of tracking the required service back to the DCLSA was raised and how to make the system have checks and balances, without insulting our members. It was decided that communication needs to be better. The Scholarship committee will write new guidelines and present them at a future meeting.

Social Committee:

         Marianne Densmore was named the new committee chair, with Greg Potter as a co-chair and April Hayden as a member. The Social Committee would like to collect information on past events. They are looking to create small, inexpensive events to offset the bigger events that are already created and planned on each year. They have a salad lunch event in the planning stages.


  1. Ideas of a plant exchange in the future (closer to warm weather/planting season)
  2. A knitting thing/yarn sale that coincides with Knit in Public - Day.
  3. Ice cream social –where one can of food for a food drive gets the person ice cream
  4. Letterpress/Book Arts workshop specifically for library staff – would have to get in touch with Sara Smith  


Welfare Committee:

         The welfare committee reports that there were 2 illnesses, 1 death and 1 wedding in the past month.

Finance Committee:

         The Finance Committee would still like to end the year with four thousand in the bank for the next term. There was a gift reimbursement, 1 bouquet of flower bought and Saint Judes sent a thank you back to us. The Finance Committee says we are still on target for the year.

Marketing Committee:

         The Marketing Committee would like to publicize all the new events and reminds the DCLSA to submit events to them. The cookbook is on the website and submissions for it have died down.

Craft Fair Committee:

         Greg Potter is out, will hopefully get a report next time.

Archive Committee:

         Andrea Kazilionis is out, will hopefully get a report next time.

The DCLSA usually gives out a mug to new employees. There is only one case of mugs left. There was a discussion that the DCLSA could host a design contest before ordering new mugs. David will investigate the price of mugs.