Meeting Minutes August 2015

DCLSA Meeting 8-18-15 - 2pm – 3pm, Baker 152

In attendance: Wesley Benash, Mary Bingman, Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Katie DeFord, Marianne Densmore, Tracey Dugdale, Rick Hansen, Greg Potter,  Jane Quigley, Barbara Sterling, Wes Benash


Motion to approve last month’s minutes? Motion adopted, Second, and Approved!

The old microwave was discarded.

Holiday party coming up: We will plan to have it in the 1902 room. This room still needs to be looked into to be reserved. Still working on setting a final date, (Thursday, December 17th was thrown out there) and we try to ovoid Monday and Fridays. We need to get through one party first! More discussion to come. Pig roast on the green!! =D

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasures report sent around.

We are still on track. We did get a $10 donation to the DCLSA Golf tournament! A student got a $10 tip to help a patron find a book and it was donated it to the Golf tournament!!

-          Committee Reports

Programing Committee: Tracey and Emily

The golf tournament is all set to go on Friday, August 21st. There are about 21 players, which will make three team of 4 and three teams of 3. This is going to be a fun event and it looks like good weather is predicted! (75 degrees! =D) We decided to keep it simple and did not get goodie bags and will spend more on pizza.

In September, we are still planning to hike Mt. Cardigan, led by Brian Markee. There is not date set yet. This hike is a moderate climb.

Close to Halloween, we are thinking of having a cemetery tour.

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

Services award banquet: As of right now, everything is all set.  We just need to switch furniture around, which we can get volunteers closer to the date to help. Date for the event is Thursday, September 3rd.  Everyone, please keep this date in mind to help volunteer, if needed. We have the list of honorees totaling 31. We will spend a total of $550 toward gift certificates to Molly’s/Jessie’s or Dartmouth book store. Amounts were designated with years of service to the library. Catering for the event is left for a surprise.

Jim Guay, from shipping and receiving, is retiring. Jim’s anniversary is October 1999, which puts him at 15 years of library service. His last day is Friday, September 25th.

There was some discussion about the policy of the contribution designated to the years of service for Retirement/Departing employees and how flexible this policy is. If the retiree is one month or a few weeks shy of the advancing to the next tier, would it be ok to advance them or should we stick to the published policy?

Link to Retirement/Departure Contributions: /~library/home/committees/dclsa/departure.html

This contribution is given to the department office liaison. We, as the DCLSA, are not involved with planning anything related to this contribution. As a side note, the library admin office gives double the amount of the contribution, which this can be found on the leaving checklist.

Dave proposed that Jim is given the contribution amount of $100.

Motion to give Jim the contribution amount of $100? Motion adopted, Second, and Approved!

Scholarship & Award Committee: Dave

The elected officers would like to report that we have discussed and selected a recipient for the Buckingham award. The big reveal will be at services award banquet!

Crafts Fair Committee: Greg and Marianne

Craft Fair: We are about even so far in terms of last year’s participants. There are about 12 participants signed up so far. To keep on track we will need a few more, and we are hopeful that there will be a mid-august cycle to trickle in. we are not worried about getting participants. We will be sending an email out to mention that registration is still open and we will also send something out on the Upper Valley listserves.

It was brought up that one of our big crafters, who has been participating for a few years, has asked about the fee structure. He was wondering if we can set a $75 dollar cap on his tables. He feels he is paying too much at the end of the day.

The fee structure has always been that it is $25 dollars to reserve a table + 15% of sales.

By putting a cap on his table, we are talking about maybe a $25 dollar difference. There is some worry about consistency and making a formal rule of this or not. There will be more discussion and exploring on this topic and to see if there are caps across other craft fairs.

It was approved that Greg will work with him and to grant him a cap on his tables for this year. The board will look more into this and it may or may not happen next year.

There will still be a bake sale at the craft fair. A good amount of money comes from this.

Marketing Committee: Curtis, Mary and Wes

Access to the DCLSA website and Facebook page was given to Curtis.

July’s Monthly Meeting Minutes were published on the DCLSA website on Monday, July 27th.

The golf tournament was very well publicized. The golf tournament poster was posted on the DCLSA website and Facebook page. Another announcement with the link to sign up for the golf tournament was published on Facebook after Bruce sent out an email advertising the event to the Library Group. Additionally, the golf tournament Posters were mailed out to DCLSA Department Liaisons on Friday, August 7th.

Going forward, please let Curtis or the other members of the Marketing & Website Committee (Mary Bingman, Wes Benash, and Bryan Stone) know the ways in which we can help for upcoming programs, events and anything that needs to be advertised or marketed via the DCLSA website or Facebook.


Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152



Katie DeFord