DCLSA Apri 2014 Meeting Minutes

DCLSA Meeting 4/22/14 -2:30pm

In attendance: David Sandberg, Dennis Brown, Rosie Vanasse, April Hayden, Goodie Corriveau, Phyllis Nemhauser, Tracey Dugdale, Andrea Kazilionis, Brenda Delany, Lynn Amber, Karen McPhee, Emily Wheeler


         The minutes from March were approved.

The food drive brought about 180 pounds of food to the local food shelf.

The elections for the DCLSA are coming up and candidates are needed for the different positions, members should start nominating and alerting other staff members. The positions that are open are: Vice president, member at large, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The art contest for the mugs was discussed. It was decided that the Marketing Committee will own how the voting will be done for the contest and how it will work. The contest should be done so that we have mugs available in the next six months to a year.    

Committee Reports:

Program Committee:

         The program on April 10, 2014 on Wellness and devices that track fitness had about six people attend. Lynn and Goodie have met and are tentatively planning a Plant Swap for May 29, 2:30-4:00pm, with plants not being in pots over 1 gallon. Discussion over where to have the Plant Swap consisted of trying to hold it outside without accidentally inviting guests to participate and poor weather. Lemonade and cookies were considered as an option for snacks during the swap.

Social Committee:

         The Salad Lunch will be happening on April 30, 2014. The Marketing Committee will be emailing the Library group and advertising for the event during the week before the event. New thoughts on holding the Russian Tea event in the fall when political actions have had time to dissipate were mentioned during the meeting.

Marketing Committee:

         The Marketing Committee met and has gone over the webpage. They would like to publicize the web page more and discussion ensued about how to do so. Some thoughts are doing more surveys, having interactive posts that will lead for the webpage to become more than just a depository of records, and holding the mug contest front page of the website. The committee also talked about the need for the different links on the side of the page including removing the links for the discount and craft fair and adding a link for Liaison information. The placement of the webpage on the Library’s website was also discussed, as many members mentioned that it was hard to find even with a simple search. It was suggested to use a link signature for the page.

The DCLSA newsletter was just posted on the site and the committee asked which way of alerting members of its posting would be best. It was decided that the newsletter should be blitzed to the Library group using the DCLSA dedicated email, which led to a discussion of how to continually monitor that account. It appears that the President of DCLSA is supposed to monitor the email account routinely. The end-of year newsletter was discussed.

Welfare Committee:

         There have been one baby, two surgeries and one death acknowledged by the welfare committee this month.

Finance Committee:

It appears that the finance report is off by $140 due to the charge for cookies for the “A Smile As Sweet As Spring” event not being reported before the report was submitted. It looks like there will be about $3500 surplus going towards the next year.

Archives Committee:

         The archive committee is still looking at a data plan that will work specifically for our needs. The older documents will be housed in Rauner Library, while new documents will be on the webpage. The webpage should be updated so that the link to the archives no longer goes to the Rauner Library finding aid. It was suggested that neat older documents could be displayed on the webpage each month with a blurb written similar to Rauner’s blog. It was also suggested that the full staff pictures that are taken about every ten years be added to the collection and displayed.

Things to think about:

         The Spring meeting that happens in June is typically when leadership is handed off to the new president. The discussion was on whether to have an ice-cream social during the meeting or have a quiet meeting and then later have the social. Should we still do ice-cream or gelato or something completely different?


Emily Wheeler, Secretary