Meeting Minutes July 2014

DCLSA Meeting 7/13/14 - 2:00pm Baker 152

In attendance:  Dennis Brown, Shirley Zhao, April Hayden, Goodie Corriveau, Tracey Dugdale, Andrea Kazilionis, Emily Wheeler, Rick Hansen, Bruce Wiedrick, Greg Potter, Marianne Densmore, Julie McIntyre, Barbara Sterling, Rosie Vanasse, Richard Miller


No announcements.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee:

Tracey Dugdale reported that the Program Committee intends to offer 3 big events, 3 educational events, and 3 free events this year. The big events would require a fee paid by members who plan to participate and are held off campus. Examples are the planned golf tournament, and curling.  Educational and free events may include the Book Arts Workshop & Poster Printing with Sarah Smith; a Tower Tour; Greenhouse Tour; Tag on the Green; and a Garden Talk.

Rick Hansen motioned that a budget should be provided to the Program Committee to aid planning. The motion was seconded and was carried. Rick discussed the Golf Tournament planned tentatively for Sept 5 at Carter Golf Club. Prizes will include gift cards to the winning team and $50 to the 2nd place team. The greens fee is $17, and Rick discussed the relative merits of charging each participant $5 or $10. It was moved that the charge be $10. The motion was seconded and was carried.      

Social Committee:

         Greg Potter said there is overlap between the activities of the Social Committee and Programs Committee. He proposed changing the name of the Social Committee to differentiate between the activities it manages and those of the Programs Committee. Greg will propose alternate names to be considered at the next meeting.

Greg reported that ¼ of the Craft Fair (Nov 21) tables have been reserved, and applications continue to be received.  He said ½ of the participants thus far have agreed to pay $5 to have a table provided.  Rather than pay FO&M $900 to set up tables as happened last year, Greg proposed that DCLSA member do the set up to save money.    

Marketing Committee:

         Rick mentioned the new DCLSA website, and he invited members to submit updates to the calendar.  He said several designs for the new DCLSA coffee mug had been received from members. The Marketing Committee will meet to select 3 design 'finalists.' These will be posted online for library staff to vote. Once voting is over, the winning design will be presented to the DCLSA board for final approval. This final design might be ready by the next meeting, but possibly not until the meeting after next.

         Dennis indicated that mugs are given to new employees, but the definition of a new employee needs to be clarified to determine if new temporary, part-time or other non-permanent staff is eligible to receive a mug.  He suggested a good rule to follow is “When in doubt, give it out.”

Welfare Committee:

         Julie McIntyre reported that one acknowledgement for a birth was sent, and two acknowledgements are pending.

Finance Committee:

         Barbara Sterling said approximately $4,900 is available for events and scholarships.  Greg noted that receipts from the Craft Fair do not come in until November.

Archives Committee:

         Andrea reported that the Archives Committee is weeding the contents of two boxes of DCLSA archival materials that have been floating around down to one box that can be placed at Rauner Library.

Richard Miller, Secretary