Meeting Minutes

DCLSA Meeting – 8/15/2013 – 1:30pm

In attendance: Dave Sandberg, Emily Woodall, Dennis Brown, Karen MacPhee, Julie McIntyre, Sarah Thompson, April Hayden, Rick Hansen, Rosie Vanasse, Greg Potter, Tracey Dugdale, Alison Eakin

Committee Announcements

Programming: Goodie sent Dave a report on the successful tour of the Hop. There were 10 participants. Goodie will forward photos of the event to Rick to be posted to the website. A gift card to Yama was purchased to thank the tour guide. Dennis also commented that the tour was excellent.

Treasurers’ Report: $212 was spent on welfare, $175 was spent on retirements/departures, and $120 was spent on scholarships.

Welfare: We recognized 4 illnesses and 2 deaths.

Craft Fair: 22 tables have been reserved, which is about 50% occupancy. Planning for the event is moving along nicely.

Marketing: Rick is now the chair of the marketing committee and will be joined by Mary Bingman and April Hayden. April will be in charge of taking photos at events to be posted on our website and Facebook page. Rick has updated the website by adding content to the discounts/links page and the planning calendar. He has also posted recent meeting minutes. Rick sent out a notice about the Awards Banquet via Library News. He is talking with Laura Barrett about posting to the Library’s Facebook page. The DCLSA Facebook has been updated with events and current membership. Rick is also working on putting together a newsletter and will speak with Goodie about including information about the recent Hop tour.

Social: The Awards Banquet will be in two weeks. Sarah is working on finalizing recipients names for their certificates. She will be purchasing gift cards and placing the catering order (from Lou’s) shortly. Goodie will present the Buckingham award.

Archive: Dave and Lynn are still working on a data retention plan. They will focus on this more in the fall.

Survey Results

Karen created an anonymous survey for library staff to reflect on the DCLSA. We looked at results from 2007 and 2013. The purpose of the survey was to gather opinions and find out what the library staff wants out of the DCLSA and to come up with new ideas for events and activities.

Other business

With the awards banquet and craft fair approaching, members were asked to provide support to Sarah and Greg if they need any help going forward.

Dave will contact any department liaisons he hasn’t already heard from to confirm that they still wish to serve as a liaison.

Dave is looking for a musician to provide entertainment during the awards banquet. Please send any ideas his way.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm.

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