January 2014

DCLSA Meeting – 1/27/2014 – 3:00 PM

In attendance: David Sandberg, Brenda Delany, April Hayden, Goodie Corriveau, Richard Miller, Tracey Dugdale, Rick Hansen, Mary Bingman, Phyllis Nemhauser, Anthony Helm, Dennis Brown and Emily Wheeler


Marketing Committee:

Rick presented the new, updated and redesigned DCLSA cookbook on the DCLSA homepage. He also mentioned that the cookbook is mentioned on the Facebook page. Discussion on whether or not the DCLSA’s Facebook account was viewable for everyone (even those without a Facebook account) or if it needed members to log in. It was assumed that anyone could find and see the DCLSA Facebook account.

The Marketing Committee also mentioned that they would like to start a book recommendation list, similar to the cookbook, where library members could share their favorite books. Anthony mentioned that you can recommend books from the library’s catalog to social media sites such as Facebook. Discussion on how the book list would be managed and where it would be posted will be pursued by the Marketing Committee and will update the group at a later date.



Guidelines review – Break rooms:

         David led a discussion on the guidelines on purchases for the break rooms. Discussed was what should each department be able to purchase as some things are portable and not likely to stay in the break rooms for long. Also, how to keep it fair for the libraries that did not have a centralized break room or any break room at all. A sub-committee formation with Brenda spearheading it was discussed to review the guidelines and updated it so that it was clearer and fairer for the different libraries. Anthony volunteered to help with the sub-committee.

         David mentioned that Lynn Amber approached him about the departmental cleaning on the Baker Berry staff kitchen. It was discussed that the DCLSA didn’t want to become the policing force of the cleaning schedule that exists to keep the kitchen clean. The DCLSA also didn’t want to be responsible to renegotiate the times different departments of Baker Berry were to clean the kitchen. It was also brought up that in the past the DCLSA had hired a housekeeper to clean the kitchen but the cost of that position is excessive and decided against.

Scholarship and Award Policy:

         Discussion centered on that the policy for DCLSA scholarships was very vague and needs to be updated. The scholarships that were being awarded were more for gym memberships, FLIP classes than classes of a scholarly nature. The same people also tended to ask and be awarded these scholarships. Questions arose on whether or not gym memberships fell into what the scholarships were for, how the scholarship winners were being tracked as a condition of being awarded the funds they are supposed to volunteer time to our events, and should the scholarships be awarded as a reimbursement of completion.

Other questions were how the DCLSA will fund these scholarships. Should we place a budget cap on the funds or other limitations so we do not exceed the budget?

The scholarship committee is going to meet and review the guidelines. Conclusions so far are:

  1. There will be no one year minimum at the library before a staff member can apply for a scholarship
  2. Members will be reimbursed at the end of their course or membership, not at the beginning
  3. Recipients will have to help out at an event at some point and commit to this (this will be tracked).

Social Committee:

The chair of the Social Committee needs to be filled. The board would like to see more members on the Committee to share the responsibility of the events.