Holiday Party Memo to the Executive Board

DCLSA Executive Board:

For those of you who weren't able to attend the meeting yesterday I wanted to let you know about some decisions that were made concerning the Holiday Party.

  1. All the money is going to food (with a few exceptions such as F,O&M for tables, etc.). Unfortunately this means we won't have funds for a raffle or to buy more decorations.
  2. We agreed to use the Co-op as our caterer this year.
  3. Our budget for the Co-op is going to be $3,000. The hope is that this will leave some funds available for an activity in the spring.
  4. The Co-op is going to be sending along some menu options. Once we have those options we will forward them to you for review and for a decision. I hope to do this all by e-mail. At this point, and with this budget, we are thinking of soup, sandwiches, salads, and "finger food."
  5. We are not going to ask the Co-op to bring dessert or drinks. We are going to ask library employees to bring desserts (I know there are some good chefs out there) and we are also going to go shopping for desserts (sheet cakes) and for drinks at local stores. VOLUNTEER ALERT -- We will need people to help run and get the sheet cakes and drinks!
  6. Baker 213 has been reserved as a staging area for the Holiday Part that day. It is on the east side of Baker next to the Dickey Center and the Tower Room.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely, John