Finance Committee/DCLSA word file

Meeting: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Present: Jan Peltzer, Lynn Amber, Brenda Delaney (recorder)


Finance committee approved the expenditure by DCLSA for the spring banquet at the Hanover Inn in the amount of $1,200. This will need to be approved by Peggy Sleeth also.

Reviewed the documentation for Treasurer’s procedures provided by Peggy Sleeth. It was noted that the time for documents to be retained should have a 7 year period added. Also to be added that the craft fair also has transactions from inside the college that are received by journal through the general ledger. Jan will send the amendments to Peggy for approval. They will then be sent to Dave Sandberg to be presented to the DCLSA committee. Peggy will also be asked where the records are maintained and if a Records Management series should be created.