DCLSA Finance Committee Minutes for Feb. 23, 2011

Meeting: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Present: Jan Peltzer (recorder,) Lynn Amber, Brenda Delaney



Committee members welcomed Brenda as the new member of the Finance Committee and reviewed the committee’s function and discussed why the committee was established.

Brenda gave the committee the 01/31/10 DCLSA chart string account statement and explained the expenses and income listed on the statement.

Jan will e-mail David Sandberg with the Finance Committee’s suggestion for the succession of its members which we would like to present to the board for review at the March meeting. The segment below is taken from the October 13, 2010 Finance Committee meeting minutes and describes the process.


The Finance Committee would like to write documentation which will include the items listed below:

• Describe how new members are appointed and the term served. At the next board meeting, Jan Peltzer will ask the DCLSA board for input on this matter.

1. Appointment: The Chair will request suggestions from the DCLSA board in June. The President will invite the new member to join the group. The new and previous members will meet during the month of July to make the transition.

2. Term: A suggestion was made that the two appointed members (not the Treasurer or Vice President) have alternating terms and serve for two years. The member at large would become the Chair of the committee once the Chair’s term is completed.

• Review Treasurer’s Report before the monthly DCLSA meeting keeping in mind known future expenditures and also discuss any expenditure requests.

• Serve a double check to insure the non-profit tax form has been filed.


The committee agreed that the written procedures should be in place for the Treasurer’s position. Jan will contact Peggy Sleeth to see if she would be willing to develop a statement describing her responsibilities. Brenda volunteered to review the procedures. Jan will also ask Peggy to send the monthly Treasurer’s report to her when it is ready and Jan will forward it to members of the Finance Committee.


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