Finance Committee/DCLSA word file

Meeting: Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Present: Kathy O’Neill, Jan Peltzer (recorder,) Lynn Amber


Committee members agreed to meet with Peggy Sleeth, the new Treasurer, to begin the process of organizing and formalizing the bookkeeping process. Kathy O’Neil will contact Peggy to set up the meeting. The Finance Committee would like to address the following in that meeting.

  • Create an excel worksheet that will show a beginning and ending balance listing income, and expenses.
  • Create a spreadsheet that shows the beginning and ending balances for all accounts, (i.e. checking, chart string).
  • Design procedures where the Treasurer will be responsible for keeping and organizing the receipts for the DCLSA including receipts from the Social Committee, Welfare Committee, lunchroom purchases and scholarships.
  • All receipts are required to be kept for seven years.
  • Decide on the reports that will be presented to the DCLSA at the monthly meeting and be available on the website for staff view only.
  • Inform Peggy that the Finance Committee is required to approve requests for funds that exceed $120.00
  • Write procedure manual for Treasurer’s responsibilities.

Peggy and Lynn are now authorized by the credit union to sign checks. They each have a debit card.

Kathy will find out if the cash balance in the chart string account is returned to the College at the end of the fiscal year.

Once the procedures for the Treasurer are established, the Finance Committee will plan to meet quarterly or as necessary.

Future Agenda Item

Look at website and add information regarding the Finance Committee. Ask Marcia Pirone to update website.