Financial Committee/DCLSA word file

Meeting: Friday, February, 19, 2010
Present: Kathy O’Neill, Jan Peltzer (recorder,) Cheryl Wheelock

Brainstormed what the Finance Committee can work on…..

  1. Finance Committee
    • Charge – decide on a charge of the Finance Committee and add it to the DCLSA web page
    • Notes – decide on if the Financial Committee minutes should be presented and included in the DCLSA monthly meeting minutes
    • Term – set term limits and guidelines for Financial Committee members
    • Accounting – decide on the type of financial statements to best represent the activities and where to put the statements on the DCLSA web page
  2. Treasurer’s and Finance Committee
    • Report – figure out a date to request this report by so the Finance Committee can review it and prepare for monthly DCLSA meeting presentation.
    • Checking and Savings Account – change additional signing authority for banking transactions from Joyce Thurston to the residing President
    • Request Amount - confirm the dollar amount the treasurer can issue checks for and the amount the Finance Committee will review ($120 or $150 and over)
    • Receipts – ask Treasurer to maintain receipt files including, receipts for Social Committee, staff room purchases, scholarship requests (?)
    • Term – discuss term limits for the Treasurer

Financial Committee-DCLSA minutes 02-19-10/Committees