Fall General Meeting - November 8, 2000 word file

The meeting was called to order at 10:07am

Jim Fries apologized to the members about not releasing an agenda before today’s meeting, and proceeded to read a verbal agenda, which follows:

Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Social Committee
Scholarship Committee
Welfare Committee
Crafts Fair
New Staff Introduction
New Business
Remarks from the President

Secretary’s report: Lisa Ladd asked if everyone had read the Spring General Meeting minutes e-mailed earlier this morning. She said she would not read the minutes, and asked if the assembled members would approve the minutes as they stood. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Matt Wiencke told the members that the DCLSA is doing very well financially. Currently, there are 3 separate accounts for the DCLSA : the checking account, which includes subdivisions within: the Association Fund, Scholarship Fund, and Maintenance Sub Account; the old Charge account, which still has money in it left over from previous vending machine proceeds, and the new charge account, which has the $7,000 annual appropriation from the College in it. (This account is used primarily for larger expenditures). See attached Treasurer’s report for further details of these accounts. Jim then reminded the members that this new funding arrangement with the College had been brokered by John Cocklin and John Crane. By now having a set amount of money given to the DCLSA each year it establishes stabilized funding, and our first budget line, that we can depend on. He also indicated that this amount will be adjusted for inflation.

Social Committee: Jill Wilcox reported on the upcoming Holiday Party. She thanked Barbara Bushor for all of her help with determining a caterer and selecting a menu. After reviewing 17 or more catering choices it has been decided to go with Bare Bones Catering, a company run by the owners of the Third Rail Restaurant in Fairlee, VT. The party will be held in the Tower Room on December 15th from 12:00-2:00 pm. Jill mentioned that she was routing sign-up sheets for committees and food contributions , and asked that people who wanted to bring food please try and bring more desserts rather than appetizers, as for the first time, the caterer would be providing a variety of hot appetizers. She thanked everyone for their help , and said that the caterer planned to refill empty serving dishes, which would allow staff to enjoy the party.

Scholarship Committee: Goodie Corriveau reported that 7 scholarships had been awarded since July 1st, 5 for fitness related activities, and 2 for educational pursuits. She encouraged all staff to take advantage of this program.

Welfare Committee: Jim Fries reported for Julie McIntyre, who was unable to attend. Since July there have been 3 bereavement bouquets or contributions sent, and 3 flower arrangements sent to families with new babies. Jim mentioned that 3 people have left the library: Pam Osgood of Feldberg, Bob Brentrup of DCIS, and library head Margaret Otto. He mentioned that the DCLSA had presented Miss Otto with a bouquet at the Spring General meeting, and that a travel bag had been presented to her from all departments at her library retirement gathering. Both were much appreciated.

Crafts Fair: Barbara Krieger reported that the DCLSA craft fair will take place on Friday November 17th from 10:00-4:00 in Collis Common Ground. It is now fully staffed, and she thanked all volunteers who had signed up to assist that day. There are 30 crafters, and she mentioned she had posters with her, for anyone who would like to put them up in their communities.

New Staff: Jim announced that John Crane was unable to attend the meeting and announce new staff, and then asked that any new staff present stand and introduce themselves. Five new staff members stood, Collette Fugere of Acquisitions, Mina Rakhra of Acquisitions, David Bowden of Paddock, Becky Torrey of Acquisitions and Ron Chabot of Feldberg.

Jim then asked if there was any New Business. When none was raised, Jim introduced Eric Alstrom, the Vice President of the DCLSA. He mentioned the many projects the Library is currently undertaking, and how Eric, along with the Executive board and Liaisons, are important to the work of the DCLSA, working mostly in the background, on projects such as the Holiday party and Crafts Fair. He then asked the Liaisons to stand.

Barbara Sagraves then brought up New Business. She and a number of staff had recently commented on the poor condition of one of the microwaves in the Baker/Berry Staff room. She wondered if the DCLSA could approach the main office for a replacement of said microwave. She believed the last one had been paid for by the Main Office, but that the DCLSA had made the arrangements. Jim indicated he would contact the Main office about the microwave replacement.

Meeting Adjourned, all were encouraged to stay and enjoy the refreshments provided.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Ladd
DCLSA Secretary