Fall General Meeting - December 10, 1999 word file

John Cocklin, president, called the meeting to order at 10:45, and welcomed everyone in attendance. John Crane then introduced the new employees, about 18 in all.

Minutes: The minutes from the Spring General Meeting, distributed earlier, were approved with one correction.

Announcements: John announced that Juli Hincks-Babcock has retired from her duties as the DCLSA webmaster. Kathleen Kidd has volunteered to replace her but will cease to be the scholarship chair, so someone new will be needed to fill that position. A social chair is also needed to organize social events, informational sessions, and fund-raising activities such as “Goodie Tuesdays.”

President’s Report: John briefly described the DCLSA for the benefit of the new staff members. It is a mirror of the staff, composed of long-time staff people and new ones, with liaisons from all departments. In addition to the Holiday Party and other events, it sponsors “hidden activities” like the work done by the welfare and scholarship committees. Anyone with questions can contact either John or one of the department liaisons, who are listed on the DCLSA web page.

Treasurer’s Report: Matt Wiencke went over the report, distributed earlier, of fund activities from the last 6 months. He explained that the checking account is divided into 3 funds (for scholarships, staff-room maintenance, and events such as the Awards Banquet and Holiday Party). Most of the income in these accounts comes from the vending machines and the Crafts Fair. The current balance in the Association Fund, which is used for events, is $3,950, so the Association is in good shape until the Holiday Party.

Scholarship Committee: John is acting as interim chairperson until someone else takes over. He reported that the wording of the guidelines regarding eligibility has been revised, and can be viewed on the Committee’s web page. From May to December there were 14 requests, 7 for fitness and 7 for academic purposes. Some examples of activities for which scholarship aid can be given are FLIP classes, fitness center passes and educational and self-improvement programs

Welfare Committee: Deb Agnoli could not be present but submitted a written report. Since July the Welfare Committee has made arrangements for 7 bereavement bouquets or contributions and 5 bouquets for ill staff members, as well as the floral door prizes for the Annual Awards Banquet. Now that the Main Office has taken over the responsibility of welcoming new staff members, the primary work of the Welfare Committee is to “arrange for flowers, cards or contributions for staff members to acknowledge births, illness or bereavements.” Requests for these items should be sent to the Welfare chair by the individual DCLSA department liaisons.

Crafts Fair Committee: The net profit from the Crafts Fair this year was a record $1600, despite the fact that traffic was somewhat light. Next year an effort will be made to increase publicity.

Holiday Party: The party will be held next Friday from 12 noon to 2PM, and the caterer will be Endless Possibilities. John thanked Barb Bushor and others for all the work they’ve been putting into the preparations, and reminded everyone that volunteers are still needed. John read an invitation from 1939 which was found in Special Collections, indicating that the party is at least a 60-year-old tradition.

New Business: Mary LaMarca commented that several construction workers have asked her where the vending machines in Baker are, and made the suggestion that a sign be put up on the trailers with directions.

John announced that the lock on the staff-room door is not functioning properly, because of inappropriate use by students. Staff members should not attempt to use it until it is fixed.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck
6/28/2000 (Final)