Fall General Meeting - November 19, 2002 word file

Call meeting to order: 10:06 am

Approval of Fall 2001 General Meeting Minutes

  • Changes were suggested:
    Some proper nouns were not capitalized.
    Scholarship entry needed clarification.
  • Approved pending changes.


President (Miguel Valladares)

  • Everything is going smoothly.
  • Past activities were well done, and the future activities are being organized.
  • The craft fair is this week.

Treasurer (Barbara Bushor)

FUND ACTIVITIES FROM 07-01-02 to 11-18-02
Previous Balance 06/30/02: $3011.69
Income: Interest Income: $2.51
Total Income: $2.51
Expenses: Retirement Parties: $215.00
Bank Fees: $9.50
Transfer to Scholarship Fund: $500.00
Supplies Summer Picnic: $216.39
Total Expenses: $940.89
Current Balance: $2073.31
Previous Balance 06/03/02: -$174.03
Income: Transfer from Association Fund: $500.00
Deposit from Craft Fair Vendors $190.00
Expenses: Scholarships Paid to Date (17 total) $450.00
Current Balance: $65.97
Previous Balance 06/30/02: $162.89
Income: $000.00
Expenses: Health Staff Room $5.65
Total Expenses: $5.65
Current Balance: $158.24
Previous Balance: $1697.05
Current Balance: $1697.05
Previous Balance: 07/01/02 $7000.00
Expenses: Summer picnic $1281.54
Library staff expenses: $310.00
Crafts Fair advertising: $63.50
Postage $29.73
Total Expenses: $1684.77
Current Balance: $5315.23
TOTAL ASSETS 11/18/02; $9085.54

The old charge account is being reconstituted to allow us to hold on to any money we do not spend at the end of the year. We will start with an additional balance of $7,000 every July, 1.

Scholarship (Goodie Corriveau)

  • Since June 20th nine scholarships were given out: eight athletic scholarships and one for a course.
  • We were reminded that courses, athletic classes, and memberships can be covered by scholarships.

Welfare (Julie McIntyre)

  • Sent flowers for two births, four illnesses and one death.

Craft Fair (Barb Krieger)

  • This coming Friday. Sale runs from 10 am - 4 pm. She needs cleanup volunteers, but there is staffing for the group table.
  • We have some different crafters this year (Six new people).

Social / Holiday Party (Jill Wilcox)

  • We will be having the holiday party in Baker Main hall on Friday Dec. 13.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help with the party. the decorations will have to be simple since there may be an event the next day.
  • We are hiring the same caterer for the meal, desserts will be provided by the staff.
  • We need a volunteer to run the set up committee.
  • The following people will be running the other committees. They should be contacted by people interested in volunteering:
    Decorating committee - Kathy Kitowski
    Dessert coordinator - Maryanne Wilson
    Clean up committee - Hazen Allen
    Gift coordinator - Art Hanchett
  • Jill will send out an e-mail the above information.
  • Bill Ghezzi will be making the invitations.

Programs (Andrea.F.Sheehan)

  • Ask how much she is willing to spend on activities. Not many people signed up for last event, perhaps because it was too expensive.
  • Please let her know if there is anything specific you would like to do.

Announce names of new staff members (John Crane)

New Business

  • Staff Room (Arthur Hanchett)
    • The DCLSA executive board met yesterday to talk about hiring a staff member to clean the staff room. we would like to hire someone at a flat rate of $60 per month to come in once per week to clean and clean out the staff room fridge.
    • Every 2 weeks the person will clean the inside of the fridge and the microwave.
    • The person will do all of the kitchen but the floor. the custodial staff cleans anything below “1 1/2 inch from the floor.”
    • It was stated that it is easier to allocate a fixed amount than to make the cleaning person file time sheets each time they work.
    • It was asked if this was possible for other staff rooms.
      - If other libraries feel they need such a cleaning, they should talk to Miguel
  • DCLSA home page
    • Miguel is fixing the DCLSA web page.
    • Please let him know if there is anything amiss.
    • Minutes will be posted shortly.
  • Lights for the staff room
    • It was requested that we acquire additional lights for the Baker/Berry staff room as people are having difficulty reading due to low light.
    • Miguel will look into it.

Adjournment: 10:30