General Meeting - September 2, 2003 word file

Call meeting to order

  • Called to order at: 10:04 am

Approval of Fall 2002 General Meeting Minutes

  • Approved.


  • President (Miguel Valladares)
    • He promised us a trip to Barcelona
      - Was unable to do so.
    • It was not an easy year to be president, but he hopes that Art will have a better year next year.
    • We tried to do the “Beam me up” sessions with the help of Phyllis Gilbert.
      - The sessions gave the executive group things to address.
      - The process is now in the hands of John Crane and Richard Lucier.
  • Treasurer (Barb Bushor)
    • See Treasurer’s report, posted separately.
    • (Miguel) mentioned that we cannot cover the water for individual departments.
  • Scholarship (Goodie Corriveau)
    • 13 scholarships since Nov. of 2002.
      - Mostly fitness.
    • She reminded the assembled that we are all entitled to 3 scholarships per year of $40 each.
  • Welfare (Julie McIntyre [absent])
    • The main office is no longer sending flowers for bereavements.
      - We did not know for the last 2 years that they had stopped doing this, so we apologize for those who were not acknowledged.
  • Craft Fair (Barb Krieger)
    • 12 year we are doing it.
    • 10-4 in Collis Nov. 21st.
      - Setup at 7am
      - Cleanup at 5pm.
    • Come help, come buy!
      - This helps support the scholarships.
  • Social / Holiday Party (Jill Wilcox)
    • Sept. 11 is awards banquet, 12-2pm in Collis.
      - Lunch will be served.
    • Holiday party is beginning to be planned.
      - If you would like to help out, PLEASE let Jill know.
      - We have seen mostly the same people on the committees for the last few years and are looking for new faces.
      - We are looking for a location, but are hoping to get the main hall again.
  • Programs (Phyllis Gilbert [absent])
    • (Miguel) offered to address any questions about the “Beam me up Scotty” programs.
      - No questions.

Announce names of new staff members (John Crane [absent])

(Miguel) gave the report.

  • Amy Gannon
  • Jason Nash
  • Christine Simms
  • Peter Collins
  • Alric Lam
  • Leslie Shahi
  • Jennifer Taxman
  • Melissa Lardiere
  • Dennis Grady
  • Shuling Peng
  • John Cocklin
  • Jen Fritz
  • Jan Bagley
  • Matthus Hartung
  • Joshua Tisoskey
  • Alexis Frederick-Frost
  • Chero Waters
  • Maria Angeles Lacruz Caballero
  • Laura Graveline
  • Pamela Bagley
  • Laura Braunstein
  • Mina Rakhra was promoted to a Librarian position

Announce names of new DCLSA Executive board for 2003-2004

  • President: Art Hanchett
    • Thanked Miguel for his service
    • We would like to make DCLSA more socially active and do more.
      - We need more input from the staff.
      - Art has an open door policy, so if you have something you want to talk about, go see him or e-mail him.
    • Mailing lists
      - We feel comfortable announcing the election results, despite hiccups in the system.
      - We are going to take control of the DCLSA blitz account again and control our own mailing lists.
      - We will need the assistance of all dept. heads to keep our lists up to date.
    • The DCLSA is your organization, and Art wants to hear from you!
      - We are a social organization, and would like to help the staff relax together.
  • VP/President elect: Sean Padgett.
  • Treasurer: Barb Bushor.
  • Recorder: Peter Collins.
  • Members at large: Fred Pond, Thomas Garbelotti.

Old Business

  • none

New Business

  • none

Adjournment: 10:32am