Meeting Minutes October 2015

DCLSA Meeting

Oct. 20, 2015 2:00-3:00pm

Baker 152

Present:  Rick (Chair), Tracey, Karen, Curtis, Dennis, Greg, Julie, Rosalie, Jane (recorder)


Called to order 2:03


  1. Cheryl Wheelock and Susan Jorgensen suggested the DCLSA consider purchasing some fun board games:

We considered a suggestion to buy some board games for winter.  Questions raised: Is this needed, now that the Jones Media Center has bought games?  These have to stay in Jones, however, so are not as useful for Library staff purposes.   Could the games be bought out of the programming budget?  Yes, there is sufficient budget for a few games.  The programming committee will take this up and purchase as needed.   Suggestions to consider: we might email out for board game donations (only if complete); we could host a ‘game day’ in the different libraries for students, courtesy of DCLSA (as a goodwill effort). 

  1.  Rick thanked everyone for the flowers received in celebration of his wedding.   DCLSA also received thanks from John DeSantis for the donation that was given to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in memory of John’s mother.
  1. Membership updates: Mary Bingman is stepping down as DCLSA liaison from Access Services, Loey Crooks will be replacing her.  Loey’s liaison role will include all of Access Services, including Shipping & Receiving, with Bruce stepping down.  Some inaccuracies in the membership list on the website were noted (especially departmental names); Curtis will update and correct the list.
  1. DCLSA received a request for a donation from the American Cancer Society, probably because of a previous donation in memory of a staff person or family member.   The group decided not to accommodate this request.
  1. Vacant Member at Large position.  Several updates were decided on: 
    1. Greg is stepping down as member-at-large because he is also DCLSA Vice-President.  Tracey will be stepping down at the end of December as chair of the Programming Committee, and agreed to continue as member at large in Greg’s place, ending in June 2016.
    2. Dennis will take over the vacant slot left by Shirley’s departure, ending June 2017.
    3. There was a general round of commendation for Tracey’s efforts as chair of the programming committee.
  1.  Committee reports:
  • Programming:  The cemetery tours were a huge success; six tours were scheduled, all full with 15 signups.  The tours were opened up to students this year; there was good weather and good attendance.   The curling event had disappointing turnout, however.  The group discussed some of the challenges with programming:  there are a lot of competing events, especially at certain times of the year; people who live a distance away and/or have families are reluctant to attend evening or weekend events.  More events during the work day, and supervisor flexibility as to attendance during work hours, would be helpful.  It has been some time since a survey was done; we agreed this might be a helpful thing to do for the coming year.  It was also suggested that the Board might consider all proposed events at the beginning of the year and target specific times where there is less going on, though the Programming Committee already does avoid schedule conflicts as much as possible.   Other possible event ideas were raised, including the ‘Cards for Vets’ drive, a holiday gift-wrapping party, and the upcoming food drive for the Haven. 

Emily is organizing a card-making event in December, Loey will coordinate. 

  • Scholarship Committee (Rick reporting on behalf of Dave Sandberg) Three scholarships of $200 were given out recently. 
  • Social Committee  (Greg) – The date for the holiday party is set, Thursday, Dec. 10th from 12:00-1:30; he is getting in touch with caterers. 
  • Welfare Committee (Julie) – The DCLSA recently recognized several staff milestones and events, including a wedding, a surgery and a short-term disability.  It was noted that occasionally florists will not deliver in some locations, in which case flowers are sent to the workplace on the staff person’s return to work.   All these acknowledgments are much appreciated by staff. 
  • Marketing Committee (Curtis) -  Minutes from August were posted to the website; also photos from the golf tournament.  He posted information about the DCLSA Annual Meeting on Facebook, and advertised several programming events including the Fall Hike, the Learn to Curl event, and the Cemetery Walk.  Curtis also added updated information about the Sarah Jo Buckingham award. 
  • Crafts Fair (Greg) – The Crafts Fair is Friday, Nov. 20th. Current number of registered crafters is at about 30; Greg hopes to see another 10 or so.  He plans to send a reminder message to library-group, and also do a little more targeted outreach to specific individual crafters.  Greg will also send a message to the Upper Valley listserv (Vital Communities), and encourage everyone in the library to distribute the message to their local listservs, referring people to Greg for more information.    Curtis will create a Facebook event page for the Craft Fair.   
    Greg noted he will be looking for volunteers in a couple of weeks, along with the call for contributions to the Bake Sale Table.
  • Archives – nothing to report
  • Finance Committee – nothing to report
  • Treasurers Report – nothing to report  

 Adjourned at 2:55 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Jane Quigley