Meeting Minutes September 2016

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, September 20, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152

In attendance: Memory Apata, Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Loey Crooks, Katie DeFord, Marianne Densmore, Ilana Grallert, Julie McIntyre, Lauren Melgoza, Jane Quigley, Barbara Sterling, Jen Green, Katie Harding


Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Treasurer’s report was sent around and we are still on track.

-          Committee Reports

Programing Committee: Memory and Marianne

Memory mentioned the idea of doing a 5k run event. More to come...

Music Trivia was a big hit last year and will be coming back!!

There will be a cemetery tour(s) in October and possibly a few during the year. These are very popular and Ilana is the amazing expert tour guide! There was thought about asking the theater department (possibly next year) to do an event in collaboration with the cemetery tours “Tale from the Grave” (researching a person, finding the person’s grave site and presenting their findings).  Maybe asking the local High School theater department? More to come…

Ilana attended a lecture a few months back about Engima machines, and would like to bring the professor to Dartmouth to give his talk. The speaker, Tom Perea, is a retired professor of neuroscience and is an avid collector and restorer of Engima machines. He brought along one to his lecture for the audience to “play” with. He does not charge and supplies his own PowerPoint equipment. His only request was to have his lecture in a room that can be darkened.


Ilana suggested doing this event in November. There was a question about if this lecture be opened to the larger Dartmouth community or just the library group? It was suggested that answering that question would depend on what rooms are available. However, we may want to start with a “smaller” library group before opening it up to the larger Dartmouth community. Also, something to keep in mind is that November is student finals.


It was decided to open the event to the library group and see how it goes. Thursdays tend to have more people turn out and having the event “mid-day” 11:30am or Noon, seems to be the best times according to previous events. Ilana will look into booking Carson, as it can be darkened if needed. We were thinking Thursday, December 1, with alternate dates of November 29 and 30. Ilana will contact professor Perea and see if these dates work with him.

The card making event in Book Arts during Christmas time was a big hit (very well attended and did two sessions!).  Programming will come up with a time and date to do it again this year (last year was around December 10).

Welfare committee: Julie

Five deaths and one wedding

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

Awards banquet went well and the invitations were very popular! There were a lot of comments that the invitations were more personal and we should consider doing something similar next year.

Scholarship & Award Committee: Tracey

One scholarship in August ($40) and one in September ($117)

Crafts Fair Committee: Greg, Marianne, and Barbara

We are not panicking yet…. but, we have fewer venders for the craft fair than anticipated…

We brainstormed ideas and on how to solicit venders:

  • Talk to the League of New Hampshire Craftsman and Vermont Hand Crafters
  • Talk to Don Fitzpatrick about MakerSpaces
  • Post on the Upper Valley listserves
  • Posts signs at craft stores… IE. Joann’s, Michael’s, etc…
  • Contact pervious crafters directly as a “reminder” and get more information from them about attending
  • Market and Advertise the event more
  • Save the Date in the VOX

Loey volunteered to look into marketing this event more with working with the Library Marketing and Communication Committee (MCC) and contacting Don Fitzpatrick about MakerSpaces.

Loey also mentioned interest in joining this committee. She will be in contact with Greg (chair).

Other Items:

More to come about rescheduling the Holiday Party

Member at large: Mary, Jennifer, Katie, Dennis, Bruce, and Jane

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152


Katie DeFord