Meeting Minutes October 2016

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, October18, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152

In attendance: Memory Apata, Mary Bingman, Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Loey Crooks, Katie DeFord, Marianne Densmore, Tracey Dugdale, Jen Green, Ilana Grallert, Katie Harding, Lauren Melgoza, Greg Potter, Jane Quigley

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Treasurer’s report was sent around and we are still on track.

-          Committee Reports

Programing Committee: Memory

Marianne is willing to help when needed and David Sandburg was interested in helping and possibly joining the committee.

We looked into getting the golf event started. Last year, the materials were sent out in August (it’s October), so it’s a little too late in the year to get people together and things planned. We will plan to have the golf event next year.

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

Last month’s Service Award Banquet went really well (about 85 - 100 people).

Scholarship & Award Committee: Tracey

2 scholarships; $40 each

Crafts Fair Committee: Greg, Marianne, and Barbara

The Craft Fair will be on December 9, 2016. So far, about 22 tables have been sold.  Because of the small amount of tables sold so far, we may be only using Alumni Hall this year. Greg will start to publicize for crafter registrations; sending an email out to previous crafters and with the Upper Valley listevers, as well as publicizing the event with posters, emails, etc. He has also reached out to the Pottery Studio, but hasn’t heard back, and has reached out to the League of NH. We will keep the hold reserved for the Top of the Hop space, even if we don’t use it. Alumni hall fits about 30 tables, Top of the Hop fits about 14, (they didn’t like that we had 16 tables there one year). It was suggested to have the Library Bake Sale table in Top of the Hop. More to come…

Marketing Committee: Curtis, Wes, and Billy

If interested in joining this committee, let Greg know.

Archives Committee: 

Ilana volunteered to join this committee. She will look at what needs to be done and get back to Greg.

Upcoming events:

The flyer for “Codes, Cyphers and the Nazis: Learn about the Enigma Machine and its role in World War II” presented by Professor Tom Perera, was finalized and will start circulating throughout library channels and departments; Dartmouth library staff, History department, Howe Library…etc. Professor Perera will be presenting on November 30, 2016 in Carson L02. There is a link on the flyer which goes to a Libcal signup page; registration is not required but encouraged, so we can get an estimated number of attendees.

The Staff Holiday Party will be on December 16 from 12pm -1:30pm in 1902 room. Classic Catering was a great and they will be catering it this year. There will be paper invitations sent out in the mail to retirees, FONM, and Pete (the painter). Invitations to staff will be through Email.
Greg suggested giving out the Buckingham Award at the Holiday party; if you have any concerns about this, please email Greg directly. It was mentioned that the possible recipient may not be at the Holiday party. Going forward, the Buckingham Award will continue to be given out at the Fall Services Award banquet and the Jeff Horrell Award given out at the All Staff meeting in June.
It was suggested to have “ice breaker” games at the tables; Christmas Crackers (British tradition of a festive wrapped cardboard tube that is pulled apart by two people with candy/prizes inside), Dartmouth/Christmas Trivia (the table with the most right answers wins), etc…

Other Items:

Because of the all the events going on in December, the Christmas card making event will not be able to happen. However, since it was such a great hit, we will have a Valentine’s Day card making in February. The programing committee and Loey will work on planning this event.

Greg mentioned he would like to start off the new calendar year with organizational priories of the DCLSA committees, programs, and website.

Goodie handed out flyers for staff bulletin boards for wellness events. If you would like the flyers to post, please email Goodie.

At our upcoming November meeting, we will talk more about the food drive for the Haven. We usually send out information and a donation box near Thanksgiving and it continues over the holiday break. We will ask liaisons to help with getting the word out. More to come…


Member at large: Mary, Jennifer, Katie, Dennis, Bruce, and Jane

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, November 15 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152



Katie DeFord