Meeting Minutes May 2016

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, May 17, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152

In attendance: Memory Apata, Wes Benash, Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Katie DeFord, Tracey Dugdale, Anna Grallert, Rick Hansen, Curtis Hill, and Barbara Sterling


Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Treasurer’s report was sent around, and we are still on track.

-          Committee Reports

Welfare committee: Julie

1 death in April

Scholarship & Award Committee: Dave

1 scholarship was awarded in April

Dave has announced that he is resigning from the Scholarship & Awards Committee.

THANK YOU Dave for all you have done while on this committee!!

Marketing Committee: Curtis, Wes, and Billy

The elections poster was posted on Facebook and on the web and sent out to all the libraries.

There were 20+ more election votes this year than last in elections!

Curtis asked if he can market events that are not associated with library, i.e. reposting/liking a page on social media platforms about events going on within the surrounding area. It was agreed that this would be ok.

Other Items:

Jane suggested an idea at the last DCLSA meeting to hire a student to finish digitizing the leftover items in boxes. Curtis followed up at today’s meeting and mentioned that Records Management can help out with scanning to digitize the leftover items in the boxes and that Curtis is willing to help with that. He will be in contact with Emily Wheeler for more information.


The draft of the Dean Jeffrey L. Horrell Award was shown and talked about…

There was a question about the necessary of the 10+ year restriction on the award.

- It distinguishes it from the Sarah Jo Buckingham award, which doesn’t have a limit.

- The recipients are more exclusive, but having the 10+ year limit might also exclude people in the running who may deserve receiving it.

- The award appreciates the longevity of service and correlates with the 10+ years Jeff has been here, along with the qualities of the award.

- This award is not all about how long you been here, but your contributions.

- We could lighten up the language of draft to “…It is suggested that the nominees have been here for 10+ years, but exceptions can be made...”

- We talked about physical award and what it could look like...

- Thinking the plaque could be a Perpetual Plaque. One that hangs on a wall somewhere and the recipients’ names can be added to.

- We also talked about a small token to be given to the recipient. The idea of an engraved crystal heart was thought to be nice.

- It was also mentioned that we should stay away from what the college gives out for years of service, which are; clocks, frames, bowls, and lamps, as the person will have already received at least one of these.

Please send any idea or suggestions to the email, as the newly elected officers have yet to be announced.


Motion to vote to establish the Dean Jeffrey L. Horrell Award? Motion adopted, Second, and Approved!

The award was voted and passed by majority to implement the Dean Jeffery L. Horrell Award!


A big THANK YOU to Rick!!

You’ve been an outstanding President and we appreciate everything you have done!


We look forward to your leadership!


Date reminders:

-May 24: Top of the Hop at 3:30 – 5pm: is the campus farewell event for Dean Jeffrey L. Horrell

-June 9: more information to come: is the DCLSA ice cream social

-June 22: Baker 1902 Room at 2 – 4pm: is the library farewell for Dean Jeffrey L. Horrell – The DCLSA will be presenting their gift to him.

-June 30: is Dean Jeffrey L. Horrell’s last day


Next DCLSA Meeting:

The next DCLSA meeting is on June 9, 2016. Please join us as we announce the election results and celebrate with ice cream! More information to come.



Katie DeFord