Meeting Minutes July 2016

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday July 19, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 183 (RWIT)

In attendance: Memory Apata, Mary Bingman, Goodie Corriveau, Katie DeFord, Marianne Densmore, Tracey Dugdale, Anna Grallert, Ilana Grallert,  Lauren Melgoza, Greg Potter, Barbara Sterling



Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Treasurer’s report was sent around and we are still on track even with all the scholarships and retirements.

-          Committee Reports

Programing Committee: Emily and Bruce

Emily and Bruce are stepping down from the programming and archive committees.

THANK YOU Emily and Bruce for all you have done while on these committees!!

There was talk in the past about making a combined hybrid Social and Programing committee. Or defining the committees more; Programing committee plans and schedules activities for library employees, within the approved budget, at least 4 times a year and the Social committee is to handle arrangements for any Library social gathering, such as the holiday party, the awards banquet and other social events as voted upon and within a budget determined by the board.

The concern with the Programing committee is there is a lot of work put into the events with not a lot of turnout of people.

It was purposed to combine the two committees to create a super committee. A lot of people have many years within the DCLSA, and would be willing to just help out when needed.

It was suggested that we should send out a general solicitation asking if anyone is interested in joining the Programming committee before the creating of the super committee.

More to come with regards to the combining of the committees.

Memory volunteered to take over the Programming committee along with Marianne.

Welfare committee: Julie

3 deaths

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

While thinking about getting people’s attention for events and getting more involved with the DCLSA, Greg came up with the idea of sending out paper invitations to everyone for the special events with dates and places were volunteers would be helpful.  He wasn’t thinking these needs to be done for every event, just the few special ones, for examples, the Awards banquet… We will still send electronic invites for most events.

Greg is working on the paper invitations and they will go out mid-August. Envelope stuffing party to come!!

Greg also worked with the Admin office and booked all the rooms and set dates for these events. (Greg passed around a paper with dates and times for the DCLSA Special Events).

2016-2017 Special Events

Staff Awards Banquet 

Thursday, September 1 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm

1902 Room – Baker Library

-          This awards banquet is to observe staff who have worked for Dartmouth for a significant amount of time. Also presenting the Buckingham Award at this event.

There will be about 20 honorees this year for the awards banquet. Awards are for 10 years, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 from July 1 – June 30. Each recipient gets a choice of one of two gift cards; restaurant (Molly’s or Jessie’s) or to the Dartmouth Book Store.

25th Annual Craft Fair 

Friday, December 9 from 10:00am – 4:00pm

Top of the Hop/Alumni Hall – Hopkins Center


Annual Holiday Party

Thursday, December 15 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm

1902 Room – Baker Library

Welcome party for new Dean???

Mid-Winter/Spring Event


Ideas: Cookies and coco, make your own salad… If you have any other ideas, please send them to Greg.


All-Member Meeting/Ice Cream Social

Thursday, June 15 from 12:30pm – 2:00pm

-          This event is when the new DCLSA officers are announced and it’s a nice time to get together with colleagues and socialize over Ice Cream!!

-          This is an event that needs more help to attract attendance. Ideas: A few years ago a cupcake lady came, Ben and Jerry’s scooped ice cream (these attracted attention). Please send any other ideas to Greg.

Scholarship & Award Committee: Tracey

6 scholarships so far since July 1 for 2016

The website and scholarship application form needs to be changed to have Tracey’s name on it.

Memory volunteered to create a new form. It was suggested to take the name out of the form, so it won’t need to be changed again. Also adding something on the form about attending meetings as an option as contribution to the DCLSA.

Concerns were brought up about recipients receiving the scholarship money and not contributing back to the DCLSA. In the guidelines, it states that “In return for scholarships, recipients are expected to contribute time and talents to making DCLSA as an organization prosper.”

It was suggested if the recipient doesn’t show up to contribute, then they shouldn’t get the money for next year. At the same time, we don’t want to police them, but need to see their accountability. Most of the people who are receiving the scholarship are helping out. We were just looking for guidance (not going to say NO to anyone) but would like to see recipients step up and help as they should.

Using Greg’s invite with “here are ways to get involved and dates” might be helpful to send to the scholarship recipients. Also, sending out a reminder email with ways to get involved could be helpful.

Some of the Craft fair income goes to scholarships for the year. Is there a limit of scholarships we give out for the year? 


Other Items:

Barb Krieger is retiring on August 5, 2016. Her retirement party will be in the Treasure room. All the chairs in the Treasure room need to be moved out and into the Admin office (between 11:00am and 1:00pm). Please come help move a chair or two between those times.

Members at large: Mary, Jennifer, Katie, Dennis, Bruce, and Jane

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, August 16 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152


Katie DeFord