Meeting Minutes November 2016

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, November 15, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152

In attendance: Memory Apata, Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Marianne Densmore, Tracey Dugdale,  Anna Grallert,  Ilana Grallert,  Jen Green,  Barb Krieger,  Julie McIntyre, Greg Potter


Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Treasurer’s report was sent around and we are still on track.

-          Committee Reports

Welfare committee: Julie

Celebrated one wedding and acknowledged two deaths

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

Friday, December 16 is the Holiday party. Electronic invites will be sent out soon (possibly this week) to staff and the paper invites to the retirees.

Memory is working on making “Holiday Crackers” which will contain:  a treat, prize, crown, and a library related joke! These will be on the tables for people.  There will also be games as an ice breaker when sitting at tables; ideas were: playing cards, trivia cards, Pick-Up-Sticks, Jenga, cookie Poker… Trivia or playing cards are ideal because of cost and with having food around. Greg will look more into getting these

There will also be music at the Holiday party. Greg was thinking of a speaker that would stream nice “twinkling,” “winter sounding,” or “piano” music as background music.

Greg will also work with Stephen Angell to have a monitor screen fireplace!

We hope to have the food drive boxes set up with a flyer and email with information sent to departments soon. The Holiday party will also be a collecting point. More to come…

Crafts Fair Committee: Greg, Marianne, and Barbara

Greg brought in posters to advertise for the Craft Fair. It is a bit too early to post the posters now, but we won’t meet again until January, please post posters after Thanksgiving. There will be a postcard size of the poster made; contact Greg if you would like a few. The Craft Fair was/will be advertised in the valley news, Dartmouth event calendars, and VOX. It will also be posted around downtown Hanover and campus. If you would like, please post around your town, public library, etc…

The Craft Fair and Holiday party are within a week of each other, we would be happy if you would like to bake for both!

A volunteer sheet to help set up, take down and cleanup will soon be sent around.

Archives Committee:  Ilana

Ilana picked up all the archives materials; all the photos are now online. The collection is a closed collection and does not have a finding aid, so if you need anything, contact Ilana. Also, if you have any DCLSA material to archive, please send them to Ilana.

Other Items:

November 30, from 12pm – 1pm in Carson L02, Come learn about the Enigma Machine and its role in World War II by Professor Tom Perera.

So far 57 people have signed up to attend this event (room seats 72). We will be sending out another notice the day before, along with putting it in the VOX; if there are seats left.

Professor Perera will be allowed to park in Shipping and Receiving. He will be bringing in a few Enigma machines; if anyone is available to help bring things in, please contact Ilana.

Ilana suggested having the Craft Fair postcards at each seat in Carson L02 to help advertise. Ilana will introduce Professor Perera, and will also talk about the DCLSA and Craft Fair; which would be nice to refer to the postcards with information about the event. Ilana also suggested giving Professor Perera a gift card or bag of goodies.


Member at large: Mary, Jennifer, Katie H, Dennis, Bruce, and Jane

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, January 17 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152



Katie DeFord