Meeting Minutes January 2017

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, January 17, 2017 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152

In attendance: Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Katie DeFord, Tracey Dugdale, Ilana Grallert, Jen Green, Katie Harding, Julie McIntyre, Lauren Melgoza, Greg Potter, Jane Quigley, and Barbara Sterling

Announcements: Happy New Year!!

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

-          Committee Reports

Treasurer’s report was passed around. We did spend more in December, but are still on track.

Welfare committee: Julie

Acknowledged four deaths and one illness/surgery

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

December was a busy month!

The Holiday Party was well attended and the food was delicious. The Caters were FABULIOUS! They stayed throughout the meal and made sure we didn’t run out of food.

Memory created the “Crackers” on each table, which were A LOT of fun!!

There were some complaints about whether the food was vegetarian. One thing we can do to help this is have better signage for the food. All but the turkey was vegetarian, and the soup was both vegetarian and vegan. There is usually a green salad, but this year there wasn’t, so we can think about having that next year. Anyone is more than welcome to help plan the menu for next year; if you are interested please contact Greg.

Scholarship & Award Committee: Tracey

Awarded two $40 scholarships in December

Crafts Fair Committee: Greg, Marianne, and Barbara

What was most impressive about the Craft Fair was the turnout of volunteers and the support and effort from the committee that runs this event. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone!

The Craft Fair wasn’t as successful as in years past. Some crafters were unhappy about the turnout, thus didn’t sell many of their crafts. This year we paid for a Facebook add which reach about 25,300 more people, posters were put up around the area as early as November, and it was advertised in the Valley News, Dartmouth events calendar, and the VOX. The challenge was the date; December 9, 2016. Greg has already requested the date of November 13, 2017 for next year at the Hopkins Center and will confirm once he hears back. We could think about only having it on the Top of the Hop, but would need to limit it to 18 crafters. It was suggested that we have the Craft Fair in Collis; maybe take a step back and let it grow back up to a big event as it has been in years past. Greg will talk to Conferences and Events and find out more information about having it in Collis.

Next year we won’t be providing tables for venders, they will need to bring their own; which most venders have. 

It was suggested to have a brochure made with a list of the crafters and what they are selling to send out prior to the Craft Fair and to hand out.  Along with this suggestion, we should look into rebranding the Craft Fair to be called the Indoor Market. This can cover a lot of different products; Honey, Jams, Maple syrup, soaps, yarn…etc.; which a lot of people would like to see more of. It would also be nice to get the student groups back to sell their own crafts; ceramics, ornaments, and pottery. Going smaller, using a different venue, and revamping a new overall image, might help make this event grow back into big event as it has been in the past.

More to come…

History of the Craft Fair: The Craft Fair was originally in the Baker-Berry staff room and staff members were selling crafts and goods to other staff members. Then it moved to Webster; which is now Rauner, that had a huge space and the Craft Fair was held in there for many years. It was then moved to Collis, and ended up at the Top of the Hop because of its growing size.

Other Items:

Upcoming winter events:

David Sandberg was interested in doing a book discussion on the book The Emperor of all Maladies. There were a few people interested, but he would like to turn it into a lunch time event in talking about interesting books people have read recently; “What are you reading?” If you are interested in attending, contact David Sandberg. Be on the lookout for email chatter about this event.

Music Trivia!! This will be happening sometime during the winter.

Loey and Memory expressed interested in a Valentine’s Day card making event. Be on the lookout for email chatter about this event. If you are interested in helping, contact Greg, Lowey, or Memory.

The Enigma Machine and its role in World War II by Professor Tom Perera event was AMAZING! Standing room only with 81 people attended (room seats 72). We received so many complements on how great it was! We are thinking about asking Professor Perera to come again.

This can be put on the back burner… Jo Montibello mentioned letting the DCLSA organize for the service time as a group. We would reach out to a non-profit organization (being mindful of the organizations we can help at), set up date and time to come over, send out an email invite asking if anyone would like to join, and plan transportation. This will be an agenda item for our next meeting, so more to come…

Member at large: Mary, Jennifer, Katie, Dennis, Bruce, and Jane

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, February 22 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152



Katie DeFord