Meeting Minutes February 2017

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, February 21, 2017 @ 2pm – 3pm in Berry 183 (RWIT)

In attendance: Dennis Brown, Goodie Corriveau, Loey Crooks, Katie DeFord, Densmore, Tracey Dugdale, Ilana Grallert, Julie McIntyre, Phyllis Nemhauser, Greg Potter, Jane Quigley, and Barbara Sterling


Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Treasurer’s report was sent around and we are still on track.

-          Committee Reports

Programing Committee: Memory

Music Trivia is back again this year!! We are working with Eric about scheduling; his son would also like to help again, and will get back to Greg with some potential dates. Last year in was in late March and we are planning to do it around the same time this year.

It was mentioned that we should send out a list of upcoming events and dates. In years past we sent out Valentines to everyone, and thought of maybe doing something similar for early spring with the list of events and dates.

Welfare committee: Julie

Acknowledged one hospitalization and one death

Social Committee: Marianne and Greg

The Spring event is coming up and we will start planning for this.

The Awards Banquet was mentioned. We have our event earlier than the college because we do fiscal year. The numbers we get from Brenda are calendar year; which the college observes, but if we switch it, some people will fall through the cracks because of when they were hired. Greg will talk to Brenda, and if possible, we don’t want to move our date.

Scholarship & Award Committee: Tracey

Awarded one $40 scholarship in January

Crafts Fair Committee: Greg and Marianne

Greg hasn’t heard back from Conferences and Events, and will give an update at the next meeting.

Marketing Committee: Curtis, Wes, and Billy

Curtis has announced that he is stepping down from the Marketing Committee.

THANK YOU CURTIS for all you have done while on this committee!!

Loey volunteered to join this committee.

Other Items:

We have the food drive we do once a year that Dave Sandberg and Karen MacPhee organize; which is AWESOME! Also at our last meeting, it was brought up that Jo Montibello mentioned letting the DCLSA organize for the service time as a group. We would reach out to a non-profit organization (being mindful of the organizations we can help at), set up date and time to come over, send out an email invite asking if anyone would like to join, and plan transportation.

We brainstormed about doing other things to help:

-          Penny wars: Each department would try to collect the most pennies and the money collected would go to the Haven/public schools/public libraries…etc.

-          We could put our big jars i.e. empty water bubbler containers, around to fill with loose change or pennies.

-          Back to school drives

-          Something for the local public libraries

If you have any other ideas, please email Ilana.

Members at large: Mary, Jennifer, Katie, Dennis, Bruce, and Jane

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152



Katie DeFord