Meeting Minutes April 2016

DCLSA Meeting Tuesday, April 19, 2016 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152

In attendance: Goodie Corriveau, Katie DeFord, Rick Hansen, Phyllis Nemhauser, Greg Potter, Jane Quigley, Barbara Sterling, Emily Wheeler, Anna Grallert


Welcome Anna Grallert!! Anna is the new Media Services Assistant in Jones Media.


Treasurer’s Report:


Treasurer’s report was sent around, and we are still on track.


-          Committee Reports

Programing Committee:

Emily and Bruce

Emily requested a tentative date for the Spring meeting so she can plan other events; Mini golf, maybe Ceramic/Jewelry. Tentative dates suggested were; Thursday, June 9 or Tuesday, June 14 from 2 – 3pm. The date will be confirmed and more to come soon.

If anyone would like to join this committee, please let Emily Wheeler know! They are still looking for another member or two, to join.

Welfare committee:

Julie McIntyre

There were 4 deaths and 1 illness in February and March.

Scholarship & Award Committee:


2 scholarships were awarded in March.

Crafts Fair Committee:

Greg, Marianne, and Barbara

If anyone would like to join this committee, please let Greg Potter know! Another member would be helpful to this committee.


Archives Committee: 

Emily and Bruce

Jane suggested maybe hiring a student to finish digitizing the leftover items in boxes? It would need to be organized in such a way to make the process seamless and there would need to be a specific naming convention to what is being scanned. The scanners are also heavily used at certain times during the day, which could make hiring a student challenging. It was a good suggestion, and will be looked into.

If anyone would like to join this committee, please let Emily Wheeler know! They are still looking for another member or two, to join.


Other Items:

Elections for DCLSA are approaching. Nominations will go out this week (4/20/16) and be open for two weeks; until May 4. Greg will then compile the nominees and verify their willingness to run and create the election ballet that will be sent out on Tuesday, May 10; which will be open for two weeks.

It was suggested to have on the election ballet the open positions on the DCLSA and have a place to add your name if you are interested.

There was discussion about awards…

The elected officers decided to keep the Buckingham award presentation in September as normal.

We are planning on doing something to honor Jeff Horrell in all his years of support. An idea was suggested to create a Service Award in honor to Jeff Horrell that can be presented at the spring meeting. The idea was to find a special plaque that recipients’ names could be added to over time.

We brainstormed ideas about this award:

-          Who would make a good recipient to this award? Making it different from the Buckingham award by it not ruling out members is important. (From the Sarah Jo Buckingham award: “The Guidelines for the Buckingham Award: 1. No member of the Scholarships and Award Committee is eligible for the Buckingham Award. This remains in effect for one calendar year after they serve on the Scholarships and Award Committee. This is so there should never be appearance that the Scholarships and Award Committee members are giving to themselves an award. Potential new members should be informed beforehand that any service on this standing Committee precludes their receiving this Merit award in the future for one year.”)

-          When selecting the recipient, we thought of asking the “Voting members” of the DCLSA, but the more people who vote, will make the recipient pool smaller. Maybe having a “rotating” committee as to select the recipient…

-          Award criteria to receive this award; the number of years served, services within the library/community, Qualities: giving, kind and charitable…

-          The Cardoza undergrad award was mention. This award has a form that could be helpful as a template to work off of.

-          There needs to be a justification to the nomination.

There may need to be constitutional wider vote to implement this award; Rick will look into this and let us know. Send any ideas to the elected officers: (Rick Hansen, Greg Potter, Barbara Sterling, and Katie DeFord).

Next DCLSA Meeting:

Tuesday, May 17 @ 2pm – 3pm in Baker 152



Katie DeFord